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By | December 6, 2020

The S 809 is our Jamo Flagship Dolby Atmos tower speaker. Available colors Jamo S 801 is available in Walnut, Black, White. But if you value intelligibility above all else, you’re not going to be disappointed with the s809s mid-range. Jamo's latest oeuvre is the Studio 8 series, comprising a lineup of highly affordable slim-tower, bookshelf, and center-channel speakers featuring a typically simple, not to say stark, Scandinavian design language. For those who are seeking entry level speaker systems, a Sub & Satellites system is the ticket to save the marriage or the lease in the apartment. Jamo S809 Floorstanding Speakers Pair The S 809 is our Jamo Flagship Dolby Atmos tower speaker. Minus Audyssey actually set the crossover at 40 hz for this which is a bit of a stretch. Jamo Speakers Review 2020 – So this is our back to back post after so many days. Three impressive 127mm (5") Aluminized Polyfiber Woofers and a 25mm (1") Soft Dome Tweeter … Monitors S 803 $299 pr. You can easily build a home theater around the s809 loudspeakers. Connector-less elevation speaker hookup I waited too long, and the Studio Series S … Been looking to get the Jamo S 803 based on the reviews and they seem to be out of stock everywhere. The S 81 center is a conventional horizontal two-way using a 1-inch soft-dome tweeter matched with dual 4-inch woofers. At first I was a little disappointed in the Monolith C5's… U.S. MSRP’s are as follows: Towers S 809 $699 ea. Each speaker includes a patent-pending connection points atop the cabinet for seamless integration of the S … Jamo, and their competition in this price range of tower systems are truly in a jam. The sub enclosure is vented via a full-width port on its bottom edge. It’s a fun speaker rather than one that comes off as neutral or flat. It's sad to say, but the market for affordably priced decent quality tower speaker system is quickly shrinking. The JAMO s809 is the flagship loudspeaker in JAMO’s hugely popular S series of speakers. But I’m not going to say that the high frequencies are class-leading. The JAMO s809 is not a new speaker. COVID-19. But also in the 2.1 … JAMO knows how to design a good-looking loudspeaker, and well, the s809 is one of the better looking affordable loudspeakers on the market. Separate Components, NAD Masters M33 Streaming Integrated Amplifier Review, Monoprice Monolith HTP-1 Surround Sound Processor Review, Polk Audio MagniFi 2 Soundbar System Review, The Replacements: Pleased to Meet Me - Deluxe Edition, Sony VPL-VW915ES 4K LCOS Projector Review, Workingman's Dead - 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition, Focal Releases Aria K2 936 Floorstanding Loudspeaker, Making Tech History: 8K Video Replay Debuts Tonight at Levi’s Stadium, Epson Launches Under-$1,000 Home Theater Projectors, Anthem Unveils New A/V Processors, Receivers, Amps, Epson Announces Affordable Ultra Short Throw and Mini Laser Projectors. The high frequencies were far more extended and pronounced than what is typical of soft dome tweeters. Jamo’s site states this speaker has a sensitivy of 90dB @ 2.83v/1m. As a tower speaker, it is a two-way design. Gift Guide. It utilizes a one-inch silk dome tweeter mated to three-inch mid-bass drivers. Frankly, it’s a speaker I’m always happy to listen to, and I’m even more pleased to recommend it. Its bass is a little accentuated. The s809 is the largest of the three. The Danes sent along everything in standard walnut woodgrain (i.e., vinyl) finish, which looked very nice with their understated, tweed-flecked cloth grilles. 14 Jamo S 809 HCS Ich benötige ein 5.1 System bis max. With three mid-bass drivers and a reported frequency response reaching down into the 30Hz, the Jamo is not a loudspeaker that I would call bass-heavy. In our awesomeness score Jamo S 807 ranks #52 out of 205 and Jamo S809 ranks #55 out of 205. Jamo S 807 HCS test Arkadiusz Ogrodnik | 15.03.2018 Zestaw S 807 HCS został skomponowany w oparciu o klasyczne konstrukcje jakie możemy znaleźć w katalogu marki Jamo – w skład testowanego sytemu kolumn wchodzą: modele podstawkowe obsługujące kanały tylne, podłogówki przednie obsługujące kanał lewy i prawy, oraz kolumna centralna. Like most speakers in the S series, the s809 is Dolby atmos ready. I've been impressed by the sound and value of Jamo's S Series bookshelf and floor-standing speakers. The first thing you’re going to notice about the s809 is its looks. Before I dive into the s809 sound, know that we have tested this loudspeaker with a wide range of electronics, specifically nad’s t778, as well as Yamaha’s s1200 integrated amplifier. I’m afraid I have to disagree. The S 809 is our Jamo Flagship Dolby Atmos tower speaker. That saves you from running a speaker cable up the back of the tower itself. Discuss: JAMO Studio 8 S 809 - speaker Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. For Energetic, dynamic and detailed S … So dialogue or vocals are going to have great detail, not to mention presence. The artists feel like they’ve stepped several feet in front of the loudspeaker and physically joined you in your room. Although £350 isn’t loose change, in terms of floorstanders it’s a bit of a snip. I know we all like to say that we need X in our HiFi system for our enjoyment. It has the best bass response of all three. The Jamo Studio S 803 speakers put out the base. That’s what today’s loudspeaker review is all about. Shares. Our Verdict. S 807 $599 ea. I placed the S 810 SUB in my long-established subwoofer position a few feet from the corner, the towers spaced about 8 feet apart and flanking my 55-inch Vizio TV, and the S 8 surrounds on high shelves just behind the listening position. The speakers are absolutely beautiful, very solid design. There are three tower loudspeakers in the S series. As part of an entire home theater system, especially one with a capable subwoofer or two, they rock. We are looking at the JAMO s809 floor-standing loudspeaker. In this case, the sub can really be put anywhere and in any way. Founded in 1968 in Glyngøre, Denmark, by Preben Jacobsen and Julius Mortensen, Jamo … Dolby Atmos elevation speaker S 8 ATM $199 pr. Unusually good center-speaker tonal match They do have a bass port, but they are placed in front. While a five-star review indicates we think the product is a fine all-rounder, scoring highly across the board, the idea that full marks deems a product the definitive option is erroneous. In this case, the sub can really be put anywhere and in any way. The Emit series is Dynaudio's cheapest and easiest... JBL L82 Classic – JBL Newly Launches in CES 2020, Frequency Response: 37Hz – 26kHz (+/- 3dB), High Frequency Driver: 25mm (1”) Soft Dome Tweeter, Low Frequency Driver: 3 x 127mm (5”) Polyfiber Woofers, Enclosure Type: Bass Reflex via Front Firing Slot Port, Inputs: Single Binding Posts (Main / Height), Dimensions: 1042mm x 191mm x 252mm 41“ x 7.52” x 9.9”, Features: Dolby Atmos Ready Connections Points, 3 Aluminized Polyfiber Woofers,1 Soft Dome Tweeter. Jamo, the Danish speaker firm whose name rhymes with—well, not “ham-oh,” and not “Hey Moe!,” and certainly not orange—but with, more or less, “ma-mo,” has been quietly busy upon our shores for several decades now. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Jamo S 809 Walnut at Amazon.com. The Jamo Studio 8 Series S 805 Floorstanding Speaker delivers contemporary design, high performance, and balanced, natural sound. They're in the top 3 bestselling speakers and have dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Dayton Audio MK442T or Klipsch RP-4000F. The S 809 floor uprights can you also easily place in the room. Ich höre hauptsächlich Folk und Reggae. For a 7.1 Atmos package on a budget, this Jamo is decent value. The contrasting surrounds not only hide the mounting hardware, but they go a long way in dressing up the look of the speaker itself. It utilizes a pin-style connection that works in conjunction with the JAMO Atmos module. It just looks brilliant. The S 81 center went on a low stand bringing its top surface just below the bottom edge of the screen. It has a pronounced bass response. 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In my room it starts to run out of steam below 60 hz. High frequencies are forward detailed punchy, again emphasized. The c97 mark ii is the better loudspeaker, and I think it is worth the extra money to upgrade to it if you can find a pair because they continue to be elusive. There are people out there that are criticizing this loudspeaker and saying that it lacks coherence. Had this been a range with the sort of Not to mention it only has a better bass response in direct comparison to the 809. Hi guys, I'm in doubt of buying Jamo S 809 HCS (5.0) or Klipsch R-820F (pair). The bass is augmented using a front-firing slot port to give the loudspeaker its reported frequency response of 37 Hz to 26 KHz. Details Jamo: S 809 Vloerstaande Speakers - 2 stuks - Zwart De S 809 is een Jamo Flagship Dolby Atmos® torenluidspreker. The Jamo Studio 8 Series S 805 Floorstanding Speaker delivers contemporary design, high performance, and balanced, natural sound. The S 809s are the biggest … It’s down for whatever, and that is what makes it great. Jamo S 809 Floorstanding Dolby Atmos Ready Speakers, Walnut, Pair #1064578 7.7 View Product 7.7 9: ... 53,426 reviews scanned The 10 Best Speakers 31,079 reviews scanned Three impressive 127mm (5") Aluminized Polyfiber Woofers and a 25mm (1") Soft Dome Tweeter deliver an amazing acoustic performance. For home theater users out there, I would recommend that you pair the s809 with a subwoofer. So that’s it. Because the JAMO has a little bit of a smile-shape- like frequency response, that is to say. Jamo Studio S 805 are a popular option on the lower end of the price range. This simple expedient eliminates the need to dangle the height speaker’s wire from on high, possibly spoiling the Jamos’ elegant lines. ... featuring dual S 809 Dolby Atmos ready tower speakers so you can easily upgrade to the overhead effects of this latest advancement in home theater when you’re ready. While it may have been designed for mass appeal, it still has a soul. Voor onze test ontvingen we van Jamo een 5.1.2-set, bestaande uit een paar S 809-vloerstaanders (het grootste model), een paar S 801-boekenplankspeakers (de kleinste van de twee monitors), een S 81 CEN (de kleinste van de Unser Testkandidat von Jamo besteht aus drei Komponenten, nämlich dem 5.0-System S 809 HCS, dem Subwoofer S 810 Sub und einem Pärchen Atmos-Lautsprecher S 8 Atm. How affordable? Jamo S 809 là loa sàn đứng, sở hữu 4 củ loa, thế nhưng cặp loa này lạ ở chỗ thay vì sử dụng cấu trúc ba đường tiếng thông thường thì loa Jamo S 809 chỉ là loa hai đường tiếng, giống như những cặp loa bookshelf khác. S 810 Subwoofer Performance Features Ergonomics Value. This speaker is not bi-amp or bi-wire capable. Introductie Onlangs heb ik een review geschreven van de grotere versie, de 803. To grow this setup into a minimum-Atmos and subwoofer-equipped 5.1.2-channel layout, Jamo supplemented a pair of S 8 Atmos elevation modules ($199/pair) and the S 810 powered sub ($299). Aluminized Polyfiber Woofers and a 25mm (1?) On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that Polk Audio T50 are more popular speakers, based on their 50+ reviews. Top-grade Atmos imaging and ambience reproduction The average "A/V" enthusiast will choose smaller package options instead of Tower systems. Zur Zeit habe ich das Teufel Ultima 40 5.1-Set an einem Denon x550bt In a clever twist, the tower’s grille slides up to match the height of the S 8’s front edge, making for a seamless look. That quiet became a bit noisier after the firm's acquisition by Klipsch in 2005 (both now part of the VOXX corporate group founded by car-fi stalwart Audiovox). The 1-inch soft-dome tweeter is set into a smoothly radiused waveguide, essentially a very shallow horn that controls the directivity of the high-frequency driver for a smoother match with the woofer directly below it. That is a great speaker for movies and music, especially if you’re a big fan of pop or rock music.

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