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By | December 6, 2020

How to solve this problem ..BusyBox v1.18.5 (Ubuntu 1:1.18.5-1ubuntu4) built-in shell (ash) After re-booting the newer kernel worked just fine. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Thank you. I read somewhere else that my iso copy of Ubuntu could be corrupted so I made a new copy downloaded from another computer and run it again on the problematic one from the cd unit. Thanks very much ! It worked as charm. Running it from recovery I noticed the sda8 file in question had errors so from there I just gave the same commands as you and manually fixed (yes prompt) to each error until it was done. BTW this is happening on a hitherto bulletproof Ubuntu 16.04 PC with no Windows OS onboard. After it is finished at the very top Look for something that says, This part is tricky. Now to create the RAID device select Create software RAID (md) under AVAILABLE DEVICES. But as per ur guidelines to enter ‘fsck /dev/sda1’ works…. si al final del error sale lo siguiente: el sistema de archivos raíz en /dev /sda1 requiere fsck manual), si no produjo error, podes salir con ctrl + alt +supr. Easy fix. wat is supposed to happen after mounting?? Don’t ask me why. The idea is that there's a lot of initialisation magic done in the kernel that could be just as easily done in userspace. Thanks so much! I had the same problem and I tried step2 after which I get. thanks it worked for me. 1. We need to identify these scripts. set command and mount/… at where? But, somehow got the solution and posted here. Everytime when new kernel install in system new initramfs built. This worked like a charm! Karim Buzdar May 2, 2019 May 2, 2019 Desktop, Linux, Shell, Ubuntu Important: must leave a space before typing Almost same issu occured me, when I wanted to try Ubuntu LiveUSB. And because of its location (internal to the kernel), it will (if it exists) take precedence. These start only with the device name of the root file system (or its UUID) and must discover everything else at boot time. UPDATE 2020-06-10: This tutorial is a few years old now, but continues to work A-OK up through Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal Fossa). This is what we plan to exploit in the event based initramfs. How do I solve it before making it worst. Due to power shutdown this happened for me and the above fsck worked for me perfectly.Thanks. Much appreciated!!! I was almost going to format everything… I am able to login back to Ubuntu. Thanks a lot. I have Ubuntu 8.4 work fine but when i tried to install 10.4 or 11.4 it dosn’t work i have this problem (Initramfs) why. Wow! This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. GRUB2 has always rubbed me the wrong way. sda2 worked for me. initramfs.conf man page on Ubuntu. Create Bootable USB Thumb Drive From ISO Image File (Windows), HOWTO: Setup Gmail & Multiple Google Calendars on iPhone or iPad, How To Synchronize Your Files With Another Computer, 3 Ways To Save Your Files When Windows Won’t Load, Anyone Can…Backup! The last step worked perfectly for me with the: I’m booting up from a usb thumdrive with mint 18.1 and I think that the bios settings on the work laptop is killing the startsequence in Mint, even though it is on its own separate disk. This solution worked perfectly, though I did need to run ‘fsck /dev/sda1’ a few times to get everything cleaned up. Hey please someone can help me ? How to Edit Config Files in Ubuntu. Happy New Year to you!!! Thanks much, Thank you for good job. We will go for unmounting the mounted path as: If your system has Fedora, RHEL, CentOS installed, try this: # grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg. A telepítés során engedtem a korábbi partíció átméretezését. I just want to copy over my files so I do not lose them. mount: mounting /dev/sda1 on /root failed:No such device These files are executed when you type update-initramfs. Thank you very much. For eg: if you install the package "cryptsetup", no matter if your root device is encrypted or not, the installation of the package would call update-initramfs which will execute the "hook" script installed (when the package was installed). Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart, Online File Sync Speed Test: Mozy, Dropbox, SpiderOak, Mesh, SugarSync, 100% Advertising Revenue To Be Donated To Japan. fsck /dev/sda2 worked for me. Initramfs (last edited 2013-02-08 15:41:59 by xnox). Thank you very much, Googly Googly! Handcrafted with on the Genesis Framework. Appreciate sincerely. fsk /dev/sdax (multiboot) worked fine! If you set the value as "0", the … In this case their sequence is decided by a file called as “order” kept in that dir. Thanks! /dev/ like this: fsck /dev/mapper/mint–vg-root. where do we mount those things or characters? Hi there Epsi…I haven’t heard of this happening during the install process…have you completely wiped the drive clean and started fresh? Here’s a link to Ubuntu Forums where they were having the same or similar issues. For eg: say that a Package P has two scripts S1 and S2 to be executed at boot time for system configuration. i was trying to dual boot ylfm os 3.0, frist i tried using the usb,, after going through the installationn procedures,, it says ” no root defined” i tried and read everything online for 3 days without sleeping trying to find solution to the rooting issue,, all failed,i read the jargons but where to type those commands i dont even know,,i used wubi to install to c driver NTFS format,, everything was installed .,,, time to boot,, only initramfs,, i press escape and tried all other options all initramfs,, what a hell on earth is this so called initramfs and no one can solve it? I actually found something else that works. Next, enter the partition size, then choose the desired Format (ext4) and /boot as mount point. Well, it worked once. The initramfs stay in /boot mount point or directory in image file format associated with installed kernel(s) version: initramfs-.img. I have the same problem (initramfs boot) but the command fsck is not found when i type (fsck /dev/sda1). Before installing Elementary OS I was using Ubuntu 17.04 on the same PC without any issues. Shut if off after and then restarted from there. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. This implies that various scripts from different package in the same dir say “init-premount” _may_ be unrelated to each other in execution sequence. dep: busybox-initramfs (>= 1:1.22.0-17~) Standalone shell setup for initramfs dep: coreutils (>= 8.24) GNU core utilities dep: cpio GNU cpio -- a program to manage archives of files dep: initramfs-tools-bin (= 0.130ubuntu3.6) binaries used by initramfs-tools Thanks! Give it a try. This works. The initramfs is a complete set of directories that you would find on a normal root filesystem. luego cuando inicia, toma la opcion de ubuntu recobery y comienza a chequear los sectores del disco. I got the (initramfs) prompt again…i rebooted but again got stuck at (initramfs)_. Thanks a lot! Prompted me to fix filesytem error and I selected “y” for all. Thank you so much. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Follow the installation steps until you get to the Guided storage configurationstep, then: Select Custom storage layout. At GRUB Menu Choose to enter in recovery mode. Thanku so much for a good and quick solution. Note that this same scheme of commands applies to the case when you compile any single module separately (instead of installing the ubuntu kernel package). I’m using Linux Mint 17.3 and the fsck /dev/sda2 … worked like a charm. ThaNks man this helped me getting in the system, i need to fix it again. To find out your exact command reboot, select Ubuntu and press Esc when you see the countdown. But, all scripts that are necessary for mounting your rootfs need to be essentially kept in {init-top, init-premount, boot-top, boot-premount}. 5. reboot, it didn’t work for me. At the (initranfs) prompt issue the following command. The archive is simply unpacked into a ram disk. And no I can’t afford the Linux tax on the “Open Source” systems, $500 US for a system with Windows for <$300 no way – Mama didn't raise no idiot. These scripts are kept in the scripts dir in your initramfs. At iniramfs mount the root filesystem in /root The installation proceeded without any further problems. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Thank you very much! After listing Boot args show Missing modules and right after and ALERT! Na zcela čistý IDE Maxtor 10GB disk na počítači ACER Aspire E380 jsem přes ISO z USB klíčenky nainstaloval Ubuntu 11.10 a po restartu hláška biosu, že disk není systémový a když ho připojím k jinému počítači, tak normálně Ubuntu běží z tohoto disku. Note that the scripts in the same directory could be related to each other as well. fsck /dev/sda1 -f and it will ask for fix the error type y evry time… At the prompt resume booting (or so) choose to resume. Went about my normal routine and started up Ubuntu off of secondary and shutdown as usual. use pen and paper to mount or where? calls run-init to run the real init in your real rootfs kept in /root. Currently however the scripts are executed one after the other, but this might change when Foundations/Specs/EventBasedInitramfs gets implemented. (Linux mInt). It runs fine second time. Thanks! Reply. Another script has to be run. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. regards, IT WORKS FOR ME THANKS.Iused (initramfs)fsck/dev/sda8 It is bundled into a single cpio archive and compressed with one of several compression algorithms. The system start ends with BusyBox initramfs prompt. Please help. Before you copy. Thank you bro, it relay works for Ubuntu 16.10, first just type fsck press enter will show you sda 1/2/3/4/5 title Gentoo Linux 3.2.2-r5 root (hd0,0) kernel /boot/kernel-3.2.2-gentoo-r5 initrd /boot/initramfs-3.2.2-gentoo-r5 Using genkernel. Any idea on what to do? Also, for both 1.x and 2.x, the boot parameters are taken from the append line of the isolinux.cfg file from the cd. I’ve been down for quite some time- only have iPhone to check things out and even to write this plea. The root filesystem on /dev/sda1 requires manual fsck, (pl note that /dev/ is constant. The thing that worked for me was to run the chkdsk in Windows, close, reboot to Ubuntu and reinsert the disk. So then S1 could be kept in init-top if it does not depend on anything else and S2 could be kept in init-premount if it does not depend on anything else other than S1. Integrating udev into the initramfs means that the exact same view of the /dev tree can be used throughout the boot sequence. Wow, thanks so much, Googly Googly!!! After many attempts the problem is solved. This worked for me. Fsck/dev/sda1 worked for me too.. I struggled for most of the morning with this. Properly booted up with not having to reset everything. (initramfs), Hi Thanks that helped my disk is toast but I was still able to log on and clean up a bit before getting a new one. Out of nowhere, I'm unable to boot into my VM and I get stuck in initramfs. fcsk /dev/sda4 worked for me. To install initramfs-tools just follow these instructions. I’d just like to mention too, that if users are removing the dvd when the drawer opens, after installing, you’ll return to black screen every time. But I may be resigned to doing it twice. And finally, select Create. Thank you If you look at this script “cryptroot” then you will notice that this hook copies cryptsetup from /sbin/cryptsetup to the initramfs/sbin/cryptsetup, and it also automatically calls update-initramfs, boot-top (your crypt scripts execute here - to ask the user password for eg), moves the /sys from initramfs to /initramfs/root/sys (in your real rootfs), moves /proc from initramfs to /initramfs/root/proc. Feeling very happy! Hello everybody, This is the script that actually mounts your rootfs on initramfs/root/. I'm running Ubuntu LTS 10.4 on Virtualbox. Return to Windows, at least there it works. I'm guessing it's making a new intrd image or something. Depending on what you’re specific terminal says, copy the whole thing for example mine had, 4. You should be able to spot your mount command in there. This post provides steps to extract initramfs image files for RHEL 7. These userspace utilities needed for mounting the real rootfs originally come from your rootfs. I tried Abhishek option and I got just the logo and went back to what I wrote above. The first process to get control is the init process. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Oddly enough i tried it so many times from others advice it didnt work, after trying dep: initramfs-tools-core (= 0.130ubuntu3.9) generic modular initramfs generator (core tools) dep: linux-base Linux image base package sug: bash-completion programmable completion for the bash shell Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. after that it will be come back initramfs> reboot The chkdsk solution worked like a charm for me, thank you so very much! However when you manually make compile a kernel, its essential to call make modules_install (which installs the compiled modules in /lib/modules/) and follow this by "depmod" (which will generate a modules.dep and map file in /lib/modules/). This helped me a lot. Not much knowledge of Linux or computers either…. Your solution helps a lot. Thanks anyways! fsck/dev/sda5 Thanks so much! Using VBox in Win 10 to operate Ubuntu in VM when connected to company network but boot off of secondary SSD when off network to run Ubuntu on the Hardware. It worked! So how do you … This solution worked perfectly, though I did need to run ‘fsck /dev/sda1’ a few times to get everything cleaned up. someone is new to obuntu or linux or windows: meaning the person is technically naive,, he lacks the knowledge of every technical terms etc such kernel, bash,, mount etc,,, how can people just come in and say.. mount/………. Generally these multiple scripts have a sequence of execution that needs to be followed. If this is not an Ubuntu system error, is it indicative of a dying hard drive and is its replacement advised? When you create a initramfs using the “update-initramfs” or “mkinitramfs” commands, these commands copy these utilities from the place where they are kept to a temporary dir. Each line in the file can be a configuration variable, a blank line, or a comment. From one non-expert to another, I thank you. Next morning, booted into Win 10 and tried to boot into VM inside VBox only to find that the machine was in a ‘saved’ state – I stupidly clicked ‘Start’ in VBox which continued the shutdown operation (likely corrupting the disk). Thank you to everyone that left feedback. Worked for me – but this is happening too often to my Zorin laptop – could that be due to a hard disk problem ? Thx SO MUCH. It shows some commands over there and write at last that there are EVEN MORE commands… and finally, the problem did not got solved. I booted into GRUB by holding down shift while booting. Replace GRUB2 with systemd-boot on Ubuntu 18.04. initramfs' can be stacked. Your solution solve my problem perfectly. Appreciated. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. (Dear Kat, I think ‘sudo’ work in ‘terminal’, not (initramfs). fsck /dev/sda8 worked for me. Ubuntu is the only OS in my old Acer, stuck at initramfs, won’t boot from a live CD nor live alternate CD and cannot afford a new laptop. (initramfs) what do i do next? I'm working on a custom Ubuntu 10.04 live cd, and I've found updating the Plymouth splash uses up a lot more disk space. fsck /dev/sda1 I’ve been waiting for a new stable version of Ubuntu before replacing the drive and OS with a fresh instal. It sounds like your initramfs was created when your RAID setup was wrong (or just different to now) and hasn't been updated since. I need help or a brave donation . , yes it worked for me on mint 18..tnx!! fsck exited …. 99.9% of contributors are weired,,why? Thanks for saving me from a wipe and reinstall! 6. The mount command may be different for you. $ sudo nano /etc/default/grub. when I say chrome OS, I mean a chrome book with both chrome OS and linux 14.04. Samarth says. The use of "all" for the version string specifies update-initramfs to execute the chosen action for all kernel versions, that are already known to update-initramfs.-c This mode creates a new initramfs. Man you are awesome, it’s work with me but instead with 6. There seems to be no partitions either. initramfs is the solution introduced for the 2.6 Linux kernel series. Ebben a laptopban (Acer Aspire ES 15, ES1-572-38SQ) 256 GB SSD háttértár van. I’d like to say that command is (after you exit) fsck /dev/sda1 -y . Bonjour, Conical, Ubuntu … Can someone please help. fsck /dev/sda1 worked for me , thank you só much. A BusyBox Ubuntu built-in shell (ash) screen with initramfs prompt displays after switching on Linux Mint PC as shown in the image below. I am very happy. So if you want to inflate your initramfs kept in /boot then you fire the following commands : When you want to create an initramfs from a temporary directory you run the following commands: say dir name is initrd-test. Dude thank you very much! To get the builtin initramfs out of the kernel: Note that the archive has leading /'s which are honoured. Finally did exit again and it worked. 3. type “exit” I am running Ubuntu 16.04 on an ESXi Machine and got the initramfs prompt. For this exa… The Ubuntu default download location is normally to the user's Downloads folder, but the ISO may also appear on the Desktop or another location defined by the user. June 16, 2018 at 08:24. I wish I would have run the chkdsk earlier – I think that was the problem. Each line in the file … What finally worked for me was pressing ESC in the 5 seconds for the extra boot options, then choosing “ACPI Workarounds”. ubuntuyu winsowsun içine kurmayın bir başka partitiona kurun, Im unable to get beyondinitramfs. Select default OS (GRUB_DEFAULT) Open /etc/default/grub file using any text editor, for example nano. Do the following. /dev/disk/by-uuid/96a7daf9-a19d-475e-a441-14dec558428b does not exist. fsck /dev/sda6 worked for me. Hooks can be found in two places: /usr/share/initramfs-tools/hooks and /etc/initramfs- tools/hooks. I am trying to get Elementary OS running on my HP Elite X2 1012. please be a bit educational and start your explanaition very carefully and seriously,, do not bamboozle people with all the aristocratic jargons,, no one understands.. initrafms,, what is it? update-initramfs: failed for /boot/initrd.img-2.6.38-8-generic dpkg: hibás feldolgozás: initramfs-tools (--configure): installed post-installation script alfolyamat 1 hibakóddal kilépett Hibák történtek a feldolgozáskor: initramfs-tools" Szerintem a hiba onnan indul, hogy … I am booting from a pen-drive. I am not computer literate. Some system configurations need a user space utility to provoke the kernel to configure the devices appropriately. BusyBox v1.22.1 The answer to this is “depends on your system”. Appendix 2 shows how to make a bootable flash disk instead of a live CD. Initramfs is used as the first root filesystem that your machine has access to. How To Install initramfs-tools On Ubuntu 15.04. I just went through numerous read errors, rewrites, wrong counts, etc. fsck /dev/sda2 worked for me. But I also did the first part of the article for the windows cmd prompt fix as I suspect the error came from improperly shutting off the computer. In this day and age Broadcom chips are the standard in 95% of the commonly available laptops. is there any other method? It is really great! fsck /dev/sda2 then reboot worked for me.

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