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By | December 6, 2020

Utilizing an impressive array of marketing initiatives, this brand currently applies social media use, SEO, PR, and content leadership to reach their exceptionally active audience. Their only full-time subcontractor is their Seller Central Manager who works remotely and lives in Pakistan. In just a few months it became the most downloaded extension for MBA sellers - a position which it still holds. Information has been provided by the Business Owner, and Bridge Mergers and Acquisitions does not guarantee in any way the accuracy of such information, nor does it warrant any assumptions as true and/or correct. This store offers gifts of all kinds and for all ages! Regarding the team more specifically, this Internet Retailer has taken a specific approach to how they choose the products they sell. • Key employee – License Holder • 6 Foreman + 3 Project Managers • 2/3 workforce at $20 & under hourly wage range • Training program allows for employee certification. Products include water tanks (septic/step tanks), storm shelters, farm products (cattle gaps, feeding troughs, watering troughs), parking curbs, retaining wall blocks, splash blocks, stepping stones, and others. This turn-key, process-driven business generates extraordinary cashflow nearly on auto-pilot from well-established Amazon rankings with very little paid advertising of any kind. The remaining 25% of products purchased directly from a factory is NET 40 from the time the factory ships the order with ZERO down at time of order. Price Range(US$) Price(US$) Profit Range(US$)* *Profit(US$) Sales Range(US$) Sale(US$) Filter Shared Listings. This strategically developed company is an unmatched opportunity to acquire a leading mushroom cultivation supply company that carries with it an unrivaled foundation within a large and growing industry. Scot Cockroft is a serial entrepreneur and business broker who helps business owners realize their full potential in selling their business. You can use the inspection period to ask the seller any extra questions about the business. When the transaction is finalized, the dedicated migration team at Exchange will begin the process of making you the new owner of the store. Made for a show that only has 1 season out but has been confirmed for a season 2 and a movie. With strong relationships across the industry, this performance marketing network takes startup eCommerce brands and brings them big brand revenue. This rapidly growing brand is gathering awareness, customer loyalty, and a strong community following through organic traffic, social media use, and word of mouth. An orderly transition will be provided. Each of these exciting skillsets have created an environment primed for growth. Once the products are launched, however, the ownership team must only monitor KPIs and order inventory. Call today! As an installation provider, this Company can handle projects of any size. This impressive and strategic information forum will be best served by a buyer with basic background knowledge in SEO, Customer Service, Management, and Digital Content Marketing. Cheap businesses for sale Buy and sell competitively priced Shopify stores with low operating costs, established suppliers and wide inventory for complex product differentiation and strategic markup pricing. Traditional Spanish Restaurant (white table cloth) for over 30 years, with Full Bar, Bar Area, Dinning Room, occupancy 150, Full Kitchen and enormous basement for storage- A MUST SEE! This Lead Generation Website Represented by: Website Closers Tech, Internet & Digital Business Brokers Listing ID:  WC2130, Route Composition: 9 P&D Routes Total Revenue: $919,501 Net Operating Income: $156,026 Listing Price: $632,000 SELF-SUFFICIENT OPERATION WITH A NEWER FLEET - Fully overlapped and ISP compliant - Remote ownership opportunity - FT Manager + Driving Assistant Manager run all daily operations, logistics, and maintenance at the terminal - Purchase this business with creative financing options such as truck debt assumption, Route Composition: 7 P&D Routes Total Revenue: $830,154 Net Operating Income: $126,329 Listing Price: $491,000 7 ROUTES FROM A LARGER OPERATION - This operation is fully overlapped and ISP compliant - Great opportunity for a hands-on investor. The company produces a fully branded line of replacement auto parts for passenger vehicles as well as outboard engines. • $790K net income based on 2019 tax return • Proven Engineering and Manufacturing Brand Reputation with over 40 Years of Operations • Key Industries addressed: Defense, Aerospace, Industrial, & Commercial • Employees with Expertise in Place • Necessary Equipment and Software in Place for performing Design, Development, & Manufacturing • Key Focus areas are Requirement Analysis; Electrical and Electronic Design, Embedded Micro-Processor Coding, Mechanical Design, and Prototype Build, PCB and PCBA Design, Fabrication & Test • Products range from PCBA to complex system designs with various types of interface. As a learning hub and streamlined nursing outreach center, this digital community is perfectly designed to scale effectively and efficiently as its industry continues to develop and grow. This business and its associated brand is a rare opportunity to acquire a seasoned eCommerce Company in the Aftermarket Replacement Auto Parts Sector. Broad customer base with low concentration. WOW!!! It was the first to market with some of the most sophisticated capabilities, and is the only company currently using certain advanced technologies. Current ownership does not yet leverage their exceedingly engaged audience to sell in-house products such as baby supplies and care items, conduct high quality lead generation nor have they yet sponsored existing products and brands as professional influencers. These represent additional immediate opportunities for growth. The merchandise sold here is some of the best you can find. Maryland Business Opportunities: Find Maryland Businesses for Sale Welcome to BusinessMart's Maryland businesses for sale. As a leading media and online traffic provider, this cost per acquisition network is perfectly positioned for growth into the middle market. Leveraging a highly effective array of powerful advertising practices, this company drives more than 1.8 million new site visitors per month to their 2 main selling websites alone. Municipalities regularly refer customers to the company because they know only the highest quality products will be delivered that will pass inspections. Building on their current brand, this company could also do well with affiliate marketing practices, influencer partnerships, international expansions, and the addition of more products. Search thousands of businesses for sale by owner and also businesses for sale by business brokers. Sigma Mergers & Acquisitions is a Dallas business broker that represents manufacturing, service and distribution companies from other industries between 500k and 50 million. Thanks to the nature of this brand’s sector, its highly rated ASINs, strong brand presence and ability to ROI right out of the gates due to respectable payment terms, this savvy retail business is ready to be taken to the next level thanks to its “next level” scale potential. This could be the unique opportunity you have been looking for that includes an appreciating real estate asset! With technology and innovation that is ahead of the game along with 3 fully established, well-known brands, this company has the opportunity to bring success and growth no matter the direction it is taken. This price won't last long. Established in 1996, the website is an international marketplace of businesses for sale. Browse our selection of online businesses for sale. COMPANT WILL PAY 75% OF CREDIT CARD FEE AND COMPANY WILL PAY MANTINANCE INVENTORY WILL BE COUNT AT TIME OF CLOSING PAID BY CASHIER CHECK OR WIRE TRANSFER CAN BE FINANCED DEPEND UPON CREDIT. As a 4-year-old business, the operational arm of the company has more than proven its capabilities on the sales channel. Though it helps to be a plumber, you do not need to be a plumber to own and operate the company. The business has a fully trained and experienced management staff who manage from strategic action plans. Established in 1996, the website is an international marketplace of businesses for sale. There are tremendous growth opportunities for a new, motivated buyer to expand the business in the thriving Colorado housing and construction market. Everything is optimized to make money, this website is made with passion and testing. Everything that a prospective nursing professional would need to know about the field, the process of certification and education, and even where the best schools are within each state along with a breakdown of their prices, subjects offered, and application deadlines. Everything from stationery products to novelty-one of a kind items. Exchange uses uneditable verified Shopify sales data, owner-reported data, and market trends to suggest a valuation price. Loan package includes $125,000 in working capital for a buyer with $150,000 down payment. A new owner could easily double the revenue by implementing a sales and marketing team. Benefits of … In addition to the owner, this company employs 5 part-time partners who are in charge of video production, social media, name database maintenance, podcast research and podcast co-hosting. Their main responsibilities include team structuring, enterprise planning, client management, invoice tracking and bookkeeping. It was released in September 2017 as a simple dashboard for sellers to view their daily sales and it quickly gained traction among the tightly knit community of MBA sellers. Additionally, there are many opportunities to increase client volume through additional marketing and PR initiatives. An outsourced CFO team is currently in place to handle questions related to the books. It is recommended that an incoming buyer be familiar with digital and direct response marketing as well as the eCommerce industry in general. This is a great opportunity to own a well-established (almost 25-years) profitable gymnastics and recreation facility in a conveniently located area. Vehicles with a market value of approximately $630K are included in the sale. This business is one of the leading commercial and industrial plumbing contractors in the Northwest Arkansas metroplex. Located in the best Mall in City of Doral. A Buyer makes an offer to buy the business with the price they are willing to pay. They are responsible for overseeing compliance efforts, hiring senior staff, developing overall business strategy, effective practices with affiliates and advertisers, testing new technology and running monthly financial reviews. This business has a few performance factors that make it stand out from the eCommerce crowd: 1. Building available for sale - 350,000. Benjamin Moore independent dealers get the best of both worlds. Call Phil Wolfstein, CBB at 310-663-2180. Presently, they are only doing outdoor dining and 100% of sales are online since the onset of Covid-19. - Over 4.9 stars from 550+ reviews, it is also the top-rated extension from Merch by Amazon sellers. There are even plenty of franchise businesses opportunities available for an initial investment of under $10,000, such as food delivery, financial services, janitorial services and website building. Ownership has focused wisely on brand awareness and quality, resulting in a powerful brand that is ripe for additional opportunities, both at retail and wholesale. Exchange Support Specialists can be reached at to assist buyers and sellers throughout the transaction process. We recommend that Buyer’s due diligence professional verify calculations, and we are confident that your due diligence professional will arrive at similar conclusions. Valuable Domain Name For Sale plumbersbournemouth com, estimated value £1000, perfect for a local business, receives good traffic (over 303000 searches for the exact match keyword) and has a … This turn-key business has both commercial and residential clientele, serving Colorado for over 23 years. - Mobile Apps: The only apps for iOS and Android for MBA users to monitor their sales on-the-go. With an undeniable foothold in the fast-paced and evergreen technologies market, this opportunity offers immense advantages and entirely proprietary SKU lines to deliver amazing profits at unbelievable margins. Opportunities for expansion in this industry are nearly limitless with room for more affiliate members, advertising partners, and service offerings. **** Business Opportunity Only, No Real Property is Included in this Transaction. sticker social is already profitable with high margins, and it's set up for growth. While any category can be the focus of this business in the future, at the moment the launch strategies are concentrated within a few select areas including, Sports Equipment (Fitness and Games), Gifts, Toys & Games, Sport Memorabilia, Home Décor, and Office Equipment. This is a platform business. A new owner can choose to run the business as is, and reap the rewards, or to invest in the growth of the company, which would primarily consist of acquiring new of inventory and selling on other channels as well as internationally. In 2020 the company focused on growing its own website sales, significantly increasing them as it steadily converted both new and existing Amazon customers to direct repeat buyers through a host of customer engagement and upsell technologies. This experienced company knows all of the tools of the trade when it comes to product listings. The company uses an Asian Sourcing company as well as Direct Factory relationships for its products. Business for sale in Perth. This target is an unprecedented opportunity for almost guaranteed success and incomparable growth. Avg. Not only are there tremendous opportunities for additional product launches in 2021 (some of which are already in the pipeline), the new products chosen are very well positioned to begin selling on additional sales channels such as Walmart and Target. This company operates in a number of different verticals under one brand name, more exciting than that, the key to this company’s growing cash flow and mix of categories are the R&D and Launch strategies behind the brand. Ample parking and easy access off a major thoroughfare. Licensed Key Employee willing to stay on with Buyer. Detailed marketing package including video overview is available upon signing of Non-disclosure Agreement. Carrying only proprietary offerings, this incredible opportunity drives ever-increasing returns across more than 14 international markets, including, North America, Asia, Europe, and more. The brand continues to grow consistently each year and has a strategic plan of action for 2021 in place already. 5. Situated for significant and seamless scaling in a variety of ways, this business is ready for expansion onto almost any international channel. With cheap, ready-made stores available - it’s never been easier to own a business. Approx. Leveraging a 95% stock an ship model, this innovative business sources a majority of their products, which are shipped directly to their warehouse. This cutting edge, strategically poised company will be a fantastically profitable acquisition for any capable buyer. Strategic industry buyer preferred. A new store being opened as part of the chain and will add to revenue and the chain's name recognition. 4. Retail businesses are shut down or have limited access across the country due to COVID-19. They understand that buying and selling a business is no small feat, so if you have any questions, they will be happy to help. Business Owner believes top business strengths include: • Financially Sound • Strong Reputation for Workmanship • Passion for the work and for employees of the Company This Business is being sold as an Asset Sale where the Business Owner retains cash, receivables, prepaids and pays off any payables/liabilities at the time of sale. Now that this system is in place and proven, all that is left is to scale unimaginably leveraging strong future product launches. As this company is a prominent Amazon seller, extending their offerings onto Amazon’s overseas platforms would be both seamless and wildly lucrative. The company has a long-standing reputation as the leading expert in the baby naming community, both online and off. People already know about you. Every dollar of revenue that flows through this company represents a newly acquired eCommerce customer for their client. Many of their client leads come directly from online traffic, referrals, and their spanning digital presence. Don't miss his opportunity as its a once in a lifetime! This retailer has effectively leveraged an enviable market share against some of the stiffest competition in retail today through its attention to detail and quality product offerings. Winter services include snow removal, and ice control applications.

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