surf fishing for sharks in nc

By | December 6, 2020

Not a considerate and reasonable response. shark fishing is wrong if you kill sharks the second domminent species will take over but I dont mind people who catch and release sharks so please please as a shark lover do catch and release. I’ve fished and camped with some interesting families who find the beaches in Texas very family friendly. NEVER USE A GAFF UNLESS YOU HAVE PROPERLY IDENTIFIED THE SPECIES OF SHARK AND ARE SURE IT IS OF LEGAL SIZE AND SPECIES TO HARVEST. You’ll see little “V”s on top of the water. There are more sharks on the beaches than anyone would care to recognize. IF NO SAND BARS ARE PRESENT IT IS BEST TO TRY TO FIND A TIDAL CREEK IF AT ALL POSSIBLE. Get outside and Have Fun! Don’t skimp on quality here. The shark is not some mindless killing machine, we are. once u hv done it a few times its not that hard. This is off the beach/ rocks. You can expect 300-400 yards of 40lb monofilament to cost around $10-$15. You know that the shark gets hooked in the mouth right? They were targeting Tiger and Bull sharks with whole 30 lb Jacks. I am currently in Iraq but in GA i fish for Shark usually nearshore or on the river or sound (sound = bay for you yankee’s). Outer Banks Pier and Surf Fishing Seasons What's biting when on the Outer Banks? Did catch nice red fish , though . Let’s face the facts. I have yak and a couple of big reels. doesnt take much just big bait and a gnarly setup . You guys need to come to South africa and visit our Wild Coast. Twin Sand Tiger Sharks Caught from Shore in NC. The goal of this facebook site is to offer surf fishermen a forum to discuss issues important to the sport, ask and offer fishing advice and most importantly a place to share fish tales and other lies. I’ve had great luck on the Atlantic fishing for Blue Runners. These leaders should be a foot longer than the shark you plan on catching. When they’re cooked, the skin will come right off….good luck! Gotta go to destin since thats where the condo is. i am going fishing in nags head for shark, it is my fist time. Justins “shark” face. Sam, we are gonna do it hard in june. While meat is wet rub with brown sugar, a light sprinkle of garlic salt, smoked or regular paprika, and pepper. In GA Atalntic Sharpnose and Bonent Head need only be 30 inches to keep the other species need to be bigger. I also saw one of them catch a blow fish and because it swallowed the guys hook he stood on the fish them yanked it put as hard as he could then kicked it back into the water. Amazing creatures. The sharks are already there. Normally during the summers months to catch larger shark one would fish roughly 250 yards to 300 yards from shore. Check with the local laws to make sure you can use the above for bait. What is the best shark bait that u can buy out of a store accept sprimp? Other sharks actually make for some good eating. I have all the tackle needed, but I do not own a yak. In fact, many fanatics claim that this is one of the most rewarding and fun hobbies they have ever tried. YOU ASSHOLES!!!!!!!!!!!! I have both swam with sharks and harvested sharks for the dinner table. Here is a link to a video of a 12 tiger shark caught and released this August. Plus you can only keep 1 a day. “Whenever I’m going after big fish, whether it’s sharks or tarpon, I want to know what they’re feeding on,” says Newman Lawrence, an amateur fisherman in Charleston, S.C. Walk it out as far as you can, just make sure you are in the gut (between sandbars). Sand Tiger Sharks, Dusky Shark, Huge Stingray; North Carolina Shark Fishing, Land Based Tiger Shark Caught from the Beach. Florida leads the nation in shark bites because there are more sharks per capita than anywhere else, BUT just remember you’re more likely to get struck by lightning than you are to get bitten by a shark. It continues to make runs of 20-30 yards at a time and we slowly gain the line back. This provides some relief as I can set the smooth butt of my ocean master in there and let it rest on the pin – its smooth though so I get no relief from the reel twisting every time I crank against 20+lbs of drag. Jacks can be had from the shore. We met up with Straps57 and headed for the beach. Consider yourself lucky if you can use the bonito as shark bait. I have seen these guys in the freezer at bait shops. Straps57 and Justin did an awesome job helping the rookie out with words of encouragement, coaching, and making sure everything went smoothly. Pipe smokers AND shark fishermen? I HAVE USED THEM FOR EVERYTHING FROM SAILFISH, MAHI-MAHI, KING MACAREL, AND COBIA TO 250 LBS. If you get serious about shark fishing and buy a extra large reel you can haul out your baits several hundred yards and go for the big boys. I HAVE ENJOYED BEACH FISHING FOR SHARKS FOR YEARS AND IT NEVER FAILS TO CATCH SOMEONE OFF GUARD WHEN YOU LAND A 6-7-8 FT. SHARK OFF THE BEACH IN 4 TO 10 FT OF WATER. We orginally went for strippers and some ealry spring reds. What are you going to do, when there are no more fishes to eat in the seas??? keep catching and releasing. leader. Get to your pole ASAP. I was thinking the same thing, that guy needs to get a life! As far as the name calling is concerned it indicates a emotional response. The largest was about 6′ but I didn’t have the equipment to weigh the fish, but I am sure it would have broke the state record. This is a huge adrenaline rush – if you could bottle this feeling there would be alot of drug dealers out of business !!!!!!!!!! Been fishing the surf in HHI for 20 years and never caught anything of substance, other than stingrays by the dozen. . Power plants tend to cool their reactors with the ocean water and pump the warm water back into the ocean. I use a Penn 6/0 reel with 50lb test and have landed some nice 150lb+ sharks. Something is always better than nothing. Just now saw your request . Greg the sharker…, Hey guys!This site is really awesome…..I was fishing as a child in Greece butmy caughts were never bigger than 20″.I was always looking for some big ones,especially sharks,but they didn’t seem to even exist there…now that i finisced school I would really want to catch something big….dreaming of a great white…. Surely you remembered to loosen you drag all the way so your pole isn’t pulled in the water when that 6 foot blacktip cruises by your shark bait. NOBODY IS KILLING SHARKS MOST OF US PRACTICE CATCH AND RELEASE. I’m pretty sure their was a world record mako caught there a few years ago off the pier. The wire leader is very important. I did a sharkfeeding dive in the Bahamas. Good luck. INCREDIBLE !!!!!!!!!!!! bay,port “A”,aransas pass,baffin bay,the land cut,and off shore.first thing you need to do is get your tackle down there,salt water tackle is very limited in A-town. Shark fishing is horrible. If mullet isn’t available any larger cut bait or squid will work. of lead. Purchasing a $30 spinning combo isn’t going to handle a fight from the oceans top predator. In that instant you’ll be hit with an adrenaline rush like none other. If he turns and swims back towards the beach you’ve got to reel in that slack as fast as possible. All you need is a little sand and a lot of water. Here is a tip on making shark chum. June 29, 2015, 4:35 AM St. George Island, Florida (Appalachicola area) I caught a five foot black tip which was hooked no more than 50 feet from the beach while fishing with cut bait for bluefish. You are an idiot. I shark fish in P.C.B FL. You think you know everything, but I doubt it. A good $50 – $100 rod is exactly what you’re looking for here. Would you like to try being a shark? boowooo just couse u dont have the guts to try the extream, ummmmm if they ate a dying fish with some illness wouldnt the shark then get the same sickness?????? use a Oster blender to grind the chum. When you catch the shark cut the tail to bleed it out and then filet the meat off the skin and mix a brine that will float an egg and soak meat for 8 hrs with ice added to the brine (this will remove the uric acid from the meat). i tag em and photo em. You know what the sad thing is, you only fish for sharks cause you are scared of them. Once you get the hang of surf fishing, it can be a lot of fun, and an all-around great experience. Circle hooks will lodge themselves in the corner of the mouth making hook removal a breeze. can’t wait to land al larger one! GREAT WEBSITE!! Have fun sitting in trees, eating tofu and spending all of your time worried about others! I bet you didn’t know there are actually more deer in America now than in the 70’s. This one was different though like I said earlier. Take the two ends wrapping it around the bait and through the eye of the hook. i dont give a shit about any other animals but sharks are so important u dont even realise. AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT TIME OF THE DAY IS THE BEST TIME TO SHARK FISH? hi over here in aust we catch shark all week if you wonted to the normal size shark we get is 9ft 12ft about 600m off the beach and use 130lb rod and 16/0 penn senators and if you wont 21ft sharks you got to vic that is were it is at we hold the record for the biggest shark on rod and reel and sa is good as well, I have been shark fishing for years and have tried many different reels and from years of experience here is a quick list of great shark reels on a budget. I think I’ll cover the floor of it with 1/2? I think a 1000lb Great White, Mako, or Hammerhead is the ultimate from the beach. Essentially, you want a bigger chunk of your cut-up bait to entice the shark. IF YOU DO NOT INTEND TO HARVEST YOUR CATCH, IT MUST BE LEFT IN ENOUGH WATER TO ATLEAST PARTIALLY SUSPEND ITS WEIGHT. I have a bay boat and spend most of my time on the flats but my boats in the shop this morning so I thought I’d try out the beach. You’ve really got 2 choices when it comes to deploying shark bait. The majority of bites you hear about on the news are caused by being at the right place at the wrong time. Straps was incredible, he knew I had never leadered a big fish and was patient and understanding as well as instructional on what he needed me to do. It’s a bit of a drive, but I have a yak and I’m planning a trip next weekend to mcfadden beach in Port Arthur….let me know if you’re interested. When I realized what was going on I could no longer hold the line. I use mullet or any bait fish I catch in a cast net on shore. We shoot our bait 150 yards or more to get you the big ones! If you’re using mullet or other live or cut bait consider using a 3/0 or 4/0 hook. Surf fushing for sharks may be fun, but not when fishing around swimmers. With over 300 miles of shoreline, North Carolina offers great surf fishing experiences. ur a f*****g idiot just because we catch them does not mean we kill them its called catch and release did you not read the beginning of the website i am proud to say i belong to a saltwater fishing club based out of corpus christi, tx and when it comes to fishing shark its all catch and release so the shark can keep on living and i can keep on fishing you treehugger get a life, wait… how do you catch and release on a beach? It is done for selfish reasons, oftentimes because people want to be able to continue to fish for that particular species. AS THE CREEK LEVEL DROPS FISH AT THE MOUTH WHERE THE BAITFISH WILL BE MOVING THROUGH TO OPEN WATER. I know many people who successfully fish for sharks, and 99% of the sharks are released unharmed. When are the people in this land going to “wake-up” and “grow-up”? email me at That sounds great if you came down. Where do they think meat comes from? Shark finning is the barbaric practice. The best bait that I have used in Virginia beach is live or chunked bluefish and spanish mackeral used the same way. And I must say they are quite tasty. I know i will probably have acces to a yak and be using a uglystick with a spinning reel, Panama City Beach is a great place for catching some big sharks. By What Authority? PS. You make me sick with all your ignorant comments about what you think is wright with your drive by information ! many sharks can not leave water or their skeleton will collapse and kill the shark due to gravity. This is the beach where I caught my first 6′ blacktip and kayaked through a huge school of tarpon. I also checked out Monster Hole at Sebastian Inlet. We have a right to harvest fish from the sea to feed our families!!! Are you guys going to rally also against the save the deer foundation for people who hunt them. You need to do your research before you open your mouth. I got them both at ACADAMEY,ARE THEY GOOD E NUFF FOR ME TO USE ORSHOULD I LOOK 2 GET ANOTHER KIND OF ROD AND REEL SET UP? PRACTICE SAFE METHODS AND MOST OF ALL HAVE A GOOD TIME. Sharks are on the brink of being extinct and all you can do is go on and on about how fun it is? Surf fishing is a great way to fish. Grow up, and grow some balls love melissa, u r a chicken i am 14 and would love to catch a shark. Did I tell you that this fish was different ? Use that heavy line and reel and the shark will come skipping across the water. And, there are better ways to get your point across. Shark leader should be some sort of cable. Don’t get me wrong not every shark is out looking for a human meal but it has been proven that if their food supply deminishes they more likely to strike at the human kind. Let me know when you are headed out again. I have asked the true lord for true salvation, good hunting and fin filled water to fish! You’re such a moron. We caught about a 3′ blacktip the other day in the intercoastal of daytona beach. That is the biggest reel I have used and I haven’t found a shark to challenge it yet. I have to say I was totally and utterly disgusted at what I saw. At low tide, it runs out about 500 ft. !sharks kill desesd fish which if the sharks dont kill them will infect everything !Dont you kno that its common sense ❗ ❗. I WOULD BE MORE THAN GLAD TO ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS ANYONE MAY HAVE. To those of you who do not agree with harvesting sharks for table fare have to do a little more studying of the term we call conservation. Me and a buddy are gonna give it a shot hopefully they be here they were last year this time!!! Hello my name is Jason rosenfeld aka (NCSHARKER). I DO NOT SUGGEST TRYING TO LAND A LARGE SHARK BY YOURSELF. In fact I don’t think I have even heard of happening. It’s highly recommended you purchase a spool of 100lb monofilament leader that will connect your mainline to your shark leader. The majority of shark fishermen catch and release. If you don’t agree, then simply state that, and why. ohhhhhh booo hooooo,, go ride your bike to work and pack your poo droppings when you go camping ,,. Justin sees this and starts shouting instructions on where to get and how to get the pictures. You will have to remove the hook from the shark’s jaw and return it to the water, so you will have to go into the surf and pull the shark at least partially onto the beach. We aint killing the shark. It is important to understand that landing and releasing the fish as quickly as possible greatly increases its survivability post-release. Lots of shark fishers catch loads of bait in a day and will freeze them. Please does n e 1 respond 2 this web page,ineed info asap,I’m raiseing 6 kids with a wife,I can’t afford to spend money playing the guess n game on rod and reels,my wife will alow me 2 spend some money on fishing gear #1 cause she see that I like it,and #2 I could b out doing all sorts of foolish things but I choose 2 spend all (not most) but all of my spare time with the kids,her and FISHING! Most attacks are mistaken identity by the sharks. These sharks are generally the larger shark species (including the Great White Shark). We don’t keep more then our friends and family can eat, when we see that we have enough, we quit. Cape Hatteras Light house, which is called Cape Point, is one of the easiest places to shark fish and rated the best location to shark fish on the East Coast due to the sand bars and the guts that run thru them. More than likely the hook will lay flat on the bait and you’ll miss the hook-up. All this information is on sites like the natural life and game sites look it up please. I recommend a 2-3″ PVC type rod holder about 4-5′ long. Now it’s time to do what fisherman do best. Shark fishing is one of the least appreciated types of fishing especially when you’re doing it from a beautiful sandy beach. No one here has said anything about killing sharks ,,we just catch them for the fun of it…..dumb ass. Or would any charter joints be willing to lend some good info or sell you live bait? nothing wrong with eating shark also nothing wrong with catch and release. As far as catch Hammer heads and Tigers are your prize catch. FISH THE CREEK ON AN OUT GOING TIDE. where would you say that i should go and how far out and what bait. Justin leaves my side and jumps in the water with Straps and begin the process of trying to leader the shark. And how are you an expert on Jacob all of a sudden? I recently moved to Houston and have enjoyed the few times that I have made to go fishing in the surf. Well I knew it could because I had already done it several times before this, this was different though. Some people have reported good success with piano wire as well. This leader should be 5-10 yards long. once again the lord is watching you…the hell is waiting just for you!!!! If you can get your hands on barracuda, they are without a doubt, the best bait to surf fish for sharks. Gear depends on what you are fishing for. This is also a good bait since most of the other big gamefish like mullet as well. WITH PRETTY GOOD LUCK, BIGGEST LAST YEAR 125# LEMON. Would be interested in what your using to get the big ones. i really want to catch something of decent size i have been trying a few months now only caught 1 lil one since…but i was using lady fish one day and something almost took my pole in it was on my bait caster and i drag just took off. Do some research before you paint us all as “cruel animal butchers”. I normally fish for redfish/jacks/grouper/snapper/whatever…but thanks to your site I’ve had good success catching sharks from the beach. You’ll have much better luck with cut-bait. I fished Virgnia Beach Fishing Pier in August of 2008 and it was very productive for monster black tip sharks. I MEAN GIVE ME A BREAK THIS PICTURE ONLY ILLUSTRATES(ILLUSTRATES MEANS “SHOWS”) WHAT THE AUTHOR IS TRYING TO SHOW THE WORLD ABOUT SHARK FISHING! thank you for anything that you can help me with. I think I’ll stay safely tucked away in a beach towel somewhere on the sand – I have an aversion to things with big teeth! I have also pulled monster bullshark out of the barnegat bay . The sharker….Greg, Sharkin in close…..I’d be interested in fishing with you. I am going to do this at Holden Beach, NC, which for people who don't know is just south of Cape Fear, because of the limited line capacity, I will only be able to bring it out 100-250 yards, so I need to plan accordingly to what would actually be realistic. we use a small kayak to take the bait out between 150-300 yards. (excluding spiney and dogfish) This equals 4 ft 6ins. I apriciate your advise. … THATS WHAT FISHING IS ALL ABOUT. I also love wildlife. Have a tip or see something I missed? The “thinning of the heard” has been going on since the dawn of time! Thanks The Fin Nor OFS95 out performs most Penn Senators. If there is no resistance they’ll begin to eat the bait, but as soon as they feel any resistance or fight left in the bait all hell will break out. There is nothing worse than getting a huge spool of line all tangled up and wasting precious time with which you could be catching bait. I’ll be on the atlantic coast of Florida in two weeks and I’ve just about go all my stuff together. I think those who do are inconsiderate of the swimmers, particularly when children are involved. Some also have had great luck blind cast netting in the water. One last place to try are the fishing docks. Which we did hookup on some good strippers but that got boring. Nope, I will leave the shark fishing to those who are dare devils..not for me hahaha. Jesus is the way to salvation (John 3:16) and he helped the disciples fish!! If anyone who owns a yak needs a fishing buddy feel free to let me know. Have a nice afternoon , THAT PHOTOGRAPH DOES NOT BELONG TO THIS BLOGGER AND IS COPYRIGHT PROTECTED… THE ANGLER IN THE IMAGE IS ERIC OZZLINS OF CORPUS CHRISTI, TX… I SUGGEST YOU REMOVE IT, I am sure the gentleman you refer to is proud he is known around the world as the bravest shore angler around the world. Would love to have your comments on my weblog. He was a beautiful animal and was unharmed upon release. The conversation begins again and out of the corner of my eye I see my rod bouncing again. Try and use what the sharks normally eat in that area. There are actually several different ways to rig your shark bait but I’ve only shown the method I prefer. North Carolina Shark Fishing This post has been provided by Bryan - a tried and true Virginia shark fisherman. on shark fishing up north . The water was a little rough with some strong currents and muddy. USING LARGE CUT BAIT LIKE MULLET, MENHADEN, OR SQUID IS TRIED AND TRUE, BUT LIVE IS ALWAYS BEST. i hope you will see you all again in hell. great minds think alike. After we all get loaded up we make our way to the closest Dominos and scarf down a large pizza and some sodas in the convenience store parking lot and relive the day. There are loads of forums and fishing sites around where you may be able to find someone kind enough to supply you with extra shark bait. Just for the sake of saving $$$$$. If you don’t like the conversation go to another website and watch bambi and finding nemo. I start reeling in line and then I hit the wall. Thats a pretty large Mako. I love you guys! I buy several different sizes and will load them up 2 or 3 at a time depending on the conditions at the beach. It continues to make runs of 20-30 yards at a time and we slowly gain the line back. Now if you get a bite you’ll see it on your pole instead just losing your bait. Its getting a little ridiculous at this point and the conversation is all about what a perfect this day has been. I do this and generally have no problem in hooking the fish . You may consider fishing for sharks with live bait. This beach is great for shark because hardly anyone visits, and fisherman own the beach in the morning. how can i tell if its already pee’d all over itself? Virginia beach is limited on sandbars in this area but Sandbridge is located on the southern point of Va. beach which is deep water and very swift rip current and sharks love that! I shark fished for nearly 5 years in the Central Florida area. I feed the hooks through the mouth and out the gill. If you’re using mullet or other live or cut bait consider using a 3/0 or 4/0 hook. Well that package of ground beef came from a cow that never had a chance to live free and it was killed in mass along with its family. Just tie it on and bait the hook. Sportfishermans are the most ****ing and disgusting kind of human beeing. You can use pliers to remove hooks from small sharks, but you’ll need to use a hook remover to free big ones. We had a crowd of people around us and Straps and Justin do an excellent job of making sure everyone was safe – including me as I was still in shock at what had just happened. THEY ARE IN PLACE TO HELP INSURE THE SURVIVAL OF THE SHARKS WE LOVE TO PURSUE. We all have different views on things, it doesn’t matter if he saves maggots or whatever he does. At this moment I am going to do my breakfast, when having my I hope you’re in shape if you employ this method as it’s very tiring. Once its in the rod holder be sure to loosen your drag. I’m sure you catch a plentitude of small fish using shrimp. I think you are confusing things like the Japanese whaling atrocities with what we do. I look forward to our next trip and am already eyeballing a new AVET 50w two speed and a kayak. Finding a beach near an inlet or by some sort of structure can do wonders for bait and sharks. LadyFish are touted as mini-Tarpon and for a good reason. I realize there are sharks in the area, but when people have been swimming in the area, and someone camps out and starts fishing enticing bigger game to an already populated beach of swimmers is quite rude. Just wanted to post something about CHUM! That’s why I drove 3 hours to fish in the Jensen Beach area. Its a nice lemon shark at a measured 5’9″ and I was absolutely pumped beyond belief. Generally I use a 10/0-14/0 hook with a 14 oz. A good combo in this class is the Penn Senator 113 or 113H and will run your around $100. The tape reads 9’0″ !!!!!!!!!!!! Catch you some big bait and yak it out, and let the party begin , how do you find out what sharks you can catch i am close to the jersy shore and deleware can anyone help ? Just returned from Florida , again . OffshoreHustler has always helped me in having a good fishing experience. We then wait for the big ones. They are the fastest reproducers in the ocean. They have a major tourism industry to protect. This would include the Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, and Cocoa Beach areas. I am sure many motivated people will call me names and argue hard for there position on this issue but my opinion is an opinion and just as valid as any one elses. Many sharks are landed from the surf and ocean piers. amen to that brother, and no one will change my mind on it either. SOME SAY EVENING. Many believe that taking the life of an animal brings you closer to that animal…and since I am a betting man, I am willing to wager that the information you may get from most ‘sport fishers’ is worthy of taking note of. Cut a 20″ piece of twine and lay it out flat. OMG you are wreking the ocean did you know that by killing the sharks you are killing the ocean !!! helllo all…I live down here in CC i go to school here…and I am a fishing WOMAN…I love to fish and its pretty much my life…so anyone wanna go sometime just let me know…we go down PINS alot and fish off big shell…ttyl!! lets talk texas for shark fishing! what the hell is wrong with you? Well , Jacob , let me tell you something . Hooks were rechecked, rebaited, taken back out and the waiting began again. Pictures were taken and the shark was released safe and sound. When I started using chum my strike rate doubled. Don’t be so quick to overgeneralize people. They don’t take that long to reach sexual maturity. I used a piece of plywood and mounted the router on the bottom and built a wood frame box to support the rig. Way of life or not, the group’s shark fishing efforts would lead to citations in some towns such as Cartaret County’s Emerald Isle and New Hanover County’s Wrightsville Beach. Ash – Shark are not endangered. move em bk and forth till they come to. You’ll be able to increase your line capacity almost two fold and get the much need abrasion resistance. They are getting thin in and around Asian countries because of their value to that culture. Your misguided and ill-informed flock of followers are what really scare sportsmen. I would like to personally thank Justin, Straps, Straps future bride, and Justins girlfriend for an amazing experience.

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