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By | December 6, 2020

ĞÏࡱá > şÿ / 1 şÿÿÿ & ' ( ) * + , - . Exceptions Thrown ServerMIAException – This exception is thrown in the case that more time has ellapsed than an acceptable response time from the server, or the sports score server has not responded to a PING, or the data received from the server is incomplete. public String GrammarHeader; // The string for the first level of commands available. The server application makes the following assumptions about its operation environment; The server machine will have MDAC 2.5 (Microsoft Data Access Components) installed. Processing All processing will take place through threads used by this class. Responsibilities Responsible for disconnecting an existing TCP connection to a sports score server. cmdBack //Go to the previous prompt cmdRepeat //Read this prompt again cmdStartOver //Go back to the start prompt cmdHelp //Read the user some help cmdMacro //Call a macro (then start over) cmdQuit //Quit the entire program cmdUserLevelAdv //Change the user level to advanced cmdUserLevelNovice //Change the user level to novice cmdUserLevelInt //Change the user level to intermediate cmdRecordMacro //Record the last action as a macro cmdReturnValue //Just return the value recorded with the command cmdReadOptions //Read off all of the possible commands at this prompt UI_Presentable Classification Interface Definition Defines an interface that, when implemented, allows a grammar to be built for this object and the object to be presented. Constraints The expected server port must be connected before this is called. Constraints None. Responsibilities This class is responsible for setup of sockets, interfacing between the server and the client. private boolean Rcomponentvars[?,2]; // The array of booleans indicating whether or not the //corresponsing Rcomponents[] entry is a //variable name. Default: // They got a return value. Return value None 6 – clientComm (Client Communications) Classification Modular subsystem of the client. Prompts will be defined as the point at which the computer and the user interact. The database structure is tightly coupled to the infrastructure and thus needs to be defined in order to build a meaningful control flow. private void getRank(String division) Classification Method Definition Name: getRank Input: a string (ALW, ALC, ALE, NLW, NLC, NLW) Output: a string to xmlServer Responsibilities This routine will get the top 3 teams’ standing according to the input division Constraints None. void write( String sOut ) Classification Method Definition This method is used to write a line of data to the server. When a user visits the prompt and a value is returned, this is the parameter the value will be associated with. It also must be able to accumulate a return value based on subprompts and scripts and return that value upon presentation. Processing See individual methods. Responsibilities This routine must initialize variables and present the user with the various prompts, interacting with the client communications and the database, as well. This will cause the response nodes to be filled up with the appropriate information. The system parameter entry will contain the identification of the host containing the server. And whatever the methodology or terminology being used, this information set remains central to any Requirements template. In contrast, sanity testing is a form of regression testing, which focuses on testing specific functionality after making... During software development, monitoring the testing process is essential. Return value true if the database update was successful, else false. Responsibilities None. Go through the help levels and determine which should be read to the user. For instance, if you’re working on the mobile app development team and need support from a backend development team to provide a data feed for your project, it’s quite possible that your team follow Agile and the backend team follow a different methodology. It also gets passed a string strServer, which contains the parameter definition for the server response. Method boolean updateSchedule( date dteGameDate, String strTeam1, String strTeam2, time tmeGameTime ) Purpose Logs a scheduled game into the sports score database. Switch (function associated with selected command): { case uiUnrecognized: User.UsedHelp(); Add text to be said letting the user know it was not recognized. This is included because the user may be a low-level user but may visit the same prompt many times. public Int Present(String strLeftOvers) public UI_Enum_Command_Functions enumLastAction; // The last action that was taken at //this component. Processing See individual methods. Constraints None. There may be several levels of prompt text for any prompt; the actual prompt text read to the user depends on the current user level. Thus, making the ‘Agile Approach’ faster and more effective than other project methodologies. Constraints None. Requirements can be classified under several headers – the internet provides a variety of responses for the search string ‘types of requirements’. Resources None. This subsystem will also be used by the server to request sports information from the sports score database. In this article, we will outline how bad requirements can lead to failure, and how to prevent bad quality requirements. Parameters strClientRequest – String indicating a client request for sports data. 3. Both high-level and low-level designs are included in this document. Clients Responsibilities This routine must load the appropriate grammar, read the appropriate text to the user, accept a response, evaluate the response, and choose the correct course of action based on the response. 8.4. Each test case will contain an order field indicating the order in which they are read (low to high). If you are familiar with this topic, you’ve heard about Performance, Reliability, Scalability, Maintainability etc. 8.3.3. public String Assignment_String; // The string that will be used added to the query string from //this element. No part of this document, in whole or in part, may be reproduced, stored, transmitted, or used for design … Key sub-sections: In Scope and Out of Scope. Interface/Exports The interfaces are output files from the Web Viking program. So, you don’t update the Requirements document frequently. 8.2.1. The motivation behind only enumerating some of the commands is so that different pronunciations or representations of the commands can be entered without the computer reading all of the synonymous options to the user during help. Responsibilities This class is responsible for representing a prompt that will be presented to the user. It must also take any “left-overs,” or strings that were said in a previous prompt or script step, and try to apply them here. strVars will follow the format: = = … If there are multiple records in the string, strVars will simply contain duplicate instances of the same parameters. If you’re following Waterfall, on the other hand, this could be a Business Requirements Document (BRD) template. Document the requirements that your Business Sponsor or Product Owner need to be delivered by this project/initiative. Each help text entry will contain a pointer to the prompt with which it is associated. These components are required for our implementation of access to the Sports Score database. Processing This method will open a serverCommThread which will spin on a port listening for client connection requests. When started by the server, this thread listens on a specified TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) port for Sports Score clients. With so many projects today featuring countless variables and unknowns, sometimes conventional project management methodologies simply do not work. Responsibilities This method must destroy any existing dialog structures, rebuild a single structure for each and every script, script step, prompt, command, and help level in the entire dialog database, and rebuild grammars as necessary. $a$ $a$ J K L M N { | — ˜ ™ š › Î Ï ğ ñ ò ó ô + , S T U V W ˆ ‰ ¨ © ª « ¬ à á 7 - Client Component The user interface will be designed as two separate pieces--the dialogs, help systems, acceptable user commands, etc., and the infrastructure that will present this information to, and accept responses from the user. private Prompt_Text[] aText_Levels; // The array of text that can be read for different user levels private int Times_Visited; // The number of times the user has visited this prompt. It does not actually need to build a grammar for itself but it does for each script step underneath it. Interface/Exports getPort, newClient, run 6 - clientComm Classification Class Definition This is the interface class used by the server application. This section helps set a context for the project, and ideally references its underlying business case (where one exists). It must be able to build a grammar of acceptable commands for itself. Commands are the legal responses the user may make at any given prompt. Resources None Processing Interface/Exports boolean disconnect() Classification Method Definition Disconnects the client from the server. private Boolean Has_Been_Built; //Whether or not the grammar has been built yet. Initialize the //Variable_Name, aText_Levels and aHelp_Levels public UI_Script_Step Next_Step; // Holds the next step in the script to execute. If so, parse the line to get schedule, format the data in the form, teamName|teamName|time, and write to file. A result is read from the server and read to the user. 3 - Server Component/Server GUI (Graphical User Interface) The server component can be broken up into three distinct sub-components; The GUI, the logger, and the server properties. void update() Classification Method Definition This is the update routine. public UI_Command Macros[]; // Array of all macros. Processing See the description of the methods. Requirements traceability is a way to trace work items across the development life cycle. Formats of Design Documents The design document can take various formats or layouts. There are more reasons – but you get the drift. Responsibilities This class is responsible for setup of sockets, interfacing between the server and the client. Each record will contain an order field to indicate where in the sequence of the response that it is read. You can also check out these Requirements Document Samples as well as these Sample Tender Documents that can be useful as well as it can be helpful with regards to the subject matter. Uses/Interactions This class is referenced by User_Interface and uses UI_Prompt, UI_Script, UI_Script_Step, and UI_Dialog_Component. Processing This routine will need to perform the following steps: { Parameter_Parser ppClient, ppServer; int iServerCount = 0; String strResponse = “”; ppClient = new Parameter_Parser(); ppServer = new Parameter_Parser; if (ppClient.setVars(strClient) == False) return strError; if (ppServer.setVars(strServer) == False) return strError; while (ppServer.setVars(strServer,iServerCount) { for (int j = 0; j < # of Response Nodes; ++j) { if (Response_Nodes.getMatch(ppClient, ppServer)) { strResponse = strResponse + Response_Nodes.getResponse(); break; } if (j == # of Response Nodes – 1) return strError; } ++iServerCount; } return strResponse; } Interface/Exports None. Uses/Interactions The class is used by UI_Dialog_Component and all subclasses. Each command will point to the prompt to which it belongs or will contain some information indicating it is a global command. Constraints None Uses/Interactions Resources This class will consume a TCP port for each client. Responsibilities This method is responsible for opening a TCP connection to the specified server and port. Contact Input: the name of the file (String ) Output: a file pointer Responsibilities This routine opens a file which was created by the Webviking Constraints None. The server communications thread (serverCommThread) is responsible for managing the user connections. If the data is correct, then write it to file. PAGEREF DetailedSystemDesign \h 20 Web Viking………………………………………………………………………………. Resources None. LLD describes the class diagrams with the methods and relations between classes and program specs. If we get the data successfully Call the subroutine to parse data from MLB site Otherwise, Call the subroutine to parse data from the ESPN site Parse scores subroutine Split the data getting from the server into lines Store each line in an element of an array For each element (line) of the array do the following: Check if the line contains a date. Purpose This class implements the html parser/stripper necessary to derive sports information from the Internet. This is what my Low Level Design Document/Detailed Design Document will contain. It makes use of the Client_Communications class, calling the methods connect(), disconnect(), read(), and write(). HYPERLINK "http://www.enteract.com/~bradapp/docs/sdd.html" \l "TOC_SEC9" Goals and Guidelines The major goal of the Sports Score client is that it be extremely simple and intuitive to use. manual for how the modules interact at a high level. Change control kicks in after requirements sign-off to handle Change Requests. 8.4.3. 8.5. This routine will not only need to open the database and set it up to be accessed, but will need to verify that the database has not been updated since the last time all grammars were built. Responsibilities All this routine must do is evaluate the user’s current level and adjust it based on the fact that the user has asked for assistance and may be less advanced than previously thought. Rather, they will be read and interpreted from a database structure. Otherwise, write to the error file. It also must be able to accumulate a return value based on subprompts and scripts and return that value upon presentation. void getSchedule(String) Classification Method Definition This is getSchedule routine Input: a file name Output: None Responsibilities This routine opens a file which was created by the Webviking (schedule.txt) and read in the date/time and teams to insert into schedule table of the database. Interface/Exports private UI_Dialogs Dialog_List; UI_Dialog_Component(Recordset RSTable, int ID, UI_Dialogs); // Just load up the appropriate entry in the appropriate table. private void getScoreForAnyDate(String date) Classification Method Definition Name: getScoreForAnyDate Input: a string Output: a string to XmlServer Responsibilities This routine will get a string date and find out all the scores for every teams that plays according to the date variable Constraints None Uses/Interactions Will be called by the member method getUserInfoRequest(String) Resources Require the input string and the database to do the query Processing private void getScoreForAnyDate(String date){ query the database put each record (recordset) in the xml server } Interface/Exports None. Such properties include; server port, maximum number of clients, debug mode, data server, and sports score data fetch time. See design document for more info Call IDLong Integer The prompt or script ID to call if the action indicates we must call one EnabledBoolean Whether or not this command is enabled     Help TextKeyLong Integer Unique Identifier (primary key) Prompt IDLong Integer The number of the prompt ID with which this is associated User LevelLong Integer The user level at which this text is read Hits Before EscalationLong Integer The number of times a user can visit this prompt before they should move to the next help level TextStringMemoThe number of times a user can visit this prompt before they should move to the next help level GlobalBoolean Whether or not this help text is globally available Read All CommandsBoolean Whether or not we read all of the commands available at this prompt. Each prompt text record will contain a pointer to the prompt with which it is associated. This is necessary for speech recognition Barge-In technologies. Each record will contain a reference to the response definition record to which it belongs. Note that what follows is a view of the minimum information that any Requirements Document should cover. The idea of this article is to share insights from my experience how you could write a design document for Microsoft Azure, addressing the most important topics with a right balance between amount of content (amount of pages) and technical depth (level of details) / with hope that the document’s value is at its max. Uses/Interactions This method will be used from a UI_Dialog_Component or any subclasses from the Present() routine. When the user interface receives a response back from client communications, the response should be in the same format. A separate utility to manage the dialog database would make the dialog-building process much simpler than if each dialog had to be coded into the system (see the Dialog Builder, implemented and used to build the dialogs for this project). For each prompt in the prompt table { Set the lowest unused element of the array to a new UI_Prompt with the proper ID If this prompt is the start prompt, remember it as such. } Unlike the server application, the client application has been designed completely data independent. ” public void Refresh_Dialogs(String DBLocation) public UI_Prompt First_Prompt(); // Return the first prompt to be read by the system. These components are required for our implementation of access to the dialog database. PAGEREF SubSysArchitectServerComm \h 10 Client Communications………………………………………………………………….. PAGEREF SubSysArchitectClientComm \h 11 Client Component………………………………………………………………………... PAGEREF SubSysArchitectClient \h 11 Dialog Database…………………………………………………………………………. Parse HTML files: We’ll go though each line of the HTML file, check if the line contains useful data; if so parse the line and get the data. Also adds the newly created serverClientThread to a vector for access to all client threads. A table will be created to store prompts. 8.10.3. Break; case uiHelp: User.UsedHelp(); Go through the help levels and determine which should be read to the user. Constraints None Uses/Interactions This class will be used to by the server Resources This class will utilize the sport score database. Method WebViking( boolean bDebug, String strSSDBLoc ) Purpose constructor for the web viking. Do while no response and no timeout Wait; } If timeout and strLeftOvers.Length == 0 { // The user said nothing. The documentation types that the team produces and its scope depending on the software development approach that was chosen. Method boolean updateStandings( String strTeam, int iWins, int iLosses ) Purpose Updates a given team’s winning and losing record. Intuition tells that a user will lose interest if they have to wait long times for software to respond. i It will also need to provide a simple method for accessing the variables, by name, to determine whether they are valid or invalid, and if they are valid, what their value is. Each help text entry will contain the number of hits required before the next lowest help text entry is read. The Overview is key for your intended audience to understand why you have chosen to deliver this project, be it an enhancement or new system development. private int today() Classification Method Definition Name: today Input: None Output: an integer Responsibilities This routine will find out what the current day and convert that date object into integer format (Y:MM:DD) Constraints None. And the risk is that they may not be able to support your project as agreed. UI_Prompt_Text Classification Class Definition This object contains text that the computer may read to the user when the user is at a prompt. Each client will be processed through serverClientThread. 8.11. The server application is dependent on this set of components. Uses/Interactions This class is referenced by the UI_Response_Node::getMatch() routine. Each script step will contain information indicating where in script sequence this step occurs. They are sent to the Sports Score Server where they are interpreted and acted upon. Initialize the //Variable_Name, aText_Levels and aHelp_Levels public String Grammar; // The grammar string to be loaded upon presentation. Constraints None. This routine must be able to access the database. Resources None. It is never used directly but the UI_Prompt, UI_Script, and UI_Script_Step classes are all based on it. Return value true if the database update was successful, else false. 8.7.1. Responsibilities This routine must load the appropriate grammar, read the appropriate text to the user, accept a response, evaluate the response, and choose the correct course of action based on the response. UI_User::BargedIn(), UI_User::UsedMacro(), UI_User::UsedShortCut() Classification Method Definition This method is simply used to notify the user class that the user has used an advanced feature and the user level may need to be adjusted. Constraints None. Upon failure to open a socket, this method returns a null. Technical design. Methods serverGUI( boolean bDebug, SSDB ssdbLoc ) Purpose – Constructor for the serverGUI object. Return value true if the connection to the server succeeded, else false. Begin reading the text to the user. Switch (function associated with selected command): { case uiUnrecognized: User.UsedHelp(); Add text to be said letting the user know it was not recognized. 0J 6�]� 0J 6�]�mH nH uj 0J 6�U]��jı U 7 ' Œ ô a b § Q R T U ° ± — ˜ ¡ ¢ ® ¯ œ � �   ş ù ù ù ù ù ù ğ ù î ğ î ì î î î î î î î î î æ î ì î î „Ğ^„Ğ ¤ ¤ [$ \$ Æ Š ‹ º » î ï ğ ò ó ) * [ \ ] _ ` b ‹ Œ ¡ ¢ £ ¥ ¦ § Ù Ú ÿ 1 2 K L M O P Q U V   ¡ ¢ õïõïçõÜõïõïÔõÜõ ĞÈнȴÈĞ®¤®—¤Œ¤®ĞÈĞ�È´ÈĞ | t| �jğ U j U�ju 5�U\�5�CJ \�mH nH u�jâ 5�CJ U\�j 5�CJ U\� Increment the number of times the prompt has been visited Add any help text to the beginning of any prompt text. A table will be created to store scripts. “We cannot hope to mitigate or resolve every risk or issue before delivery can begin. For example: when a customer logs on to the mobile app, logon should complete and dashboard should load in less than 2 seconds; the system should never go offline, except for scheduled maintenance periods, etc. During the delivery of an IT project, various stakeholders – including developers, testers, legal and compliance teams – need access to comprehensive requirements documentation to fulfil their delivery commitments and ensure requirements traceability. Break; case uiCallPrompt: Store the appropriate prompt as WorkComponent Break; case uiCallScript: Store the appropriate script as WorkComponent Break; Case uiCallMacro: Assignment string = Macro.Querystring Exit loop case uiReturnValue: Set the assignment string to ‘ = ’ Exit loop } if (uiCallPrompt) || (uiCallScript) { WorkComponent.Present(); Switch (WorkComponent.LastAction) { case uiStartOver: LastAction = uiStartOver; Exit loop. INTRODUCTION 1.1 Goals An event driven job schedule Simulator scans the event sequence and do the operation related to every event in time order. Any previous or later revisions of the specifications require a different revision of this design document. It is abstract and should never be instantiated. public UI_Dialog_Component arDependencies[]; // An array containing components that the //current component is dependent upon (and // thus need to be included in the grammar) public Int Build_Grammar(Boolean DBNeedsRefreshing) public String Variable_Name; // When a value is returned, the name of the variable to be //assigned a value. It will present a GUI form for the user to fill out and will log the results. All prompts and responses on the client side are completely data driven, so any prompt or response can be changed by a simple voice database change without changing any code. Responsibilities This method is responsible for building any dependencies that may be required, building the grammar for a single prompt, and storing that grammar in a text file for future reference. Method boolean updateGame( date dteGameDate, String strTeam1, String strTeam2, int iScore1, int iScore2, int iHits1, int iHits2, int iErr1, int iErr2, String strComment ) Purpose Method to insert/update specific game information into the sports score database. If you’re following Agile, Requirements Documentation is pretty much equal to your Product Backlog, Release Backlog and Sprint Backlogs.

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