gibson dirty fingers vs super distortion

By | December 6, 2020

I'm not a fan of the band but he said that the Gibson Dirty Fingers is perfect for nu metal. Re: Gibson 500-T vs. I recently had the opportunity to play this pick-up in a John Sykes Gibson Custom shop. I want to know the general opinions about Dirty Fingers pups … The stock Dirty Fingers were actually reissues and designated with a "+" so I don't know how they compare to the originals but they weren't "bad" per se. I search a new pickup for my Gibson SG`61 Reissue on the bridge position. I can only go off of the 500T in my Explorer vs the Dirty Fingers in my Epiphone LP Prophecy at the moment. Now that was a good change FOR ME. I like to say that changing the nut improves six notes on your guitar and does not impact any of the other notes. Compared to the Duncan, the Super D is warmer, not as hot, with a softer attack and a bit more "smear" to fast passages. anybody got any comments as to which is the finer for those super saturated high gain tones without becoming sounding like a … i dropped one into my first real guitar a MIM Fender Strat. Ok so I want to get some new pickups for my Les Paul, I need some opinions on the Dirtyfingers pickups and the Burstbucker pickups. Seriously, you hear a lot about how Sykes used older Mesa amps and that was the secret. The Gibson Dirty Fingers Humbucker is the pickup so loud it refused to be silenced. Gibson 500t vs 498t Gibson 498T vs 500T Page 2 MarshallForum . Hi there, I have just bought my Epiphone LP Standard, and frankly, I don't think the pickups too great. Dirty Fingers Pickup Hardware // Pickups and Electronics // Humbucker Pickups // Dirty Fingers Pickup {{product.Caption}} Be careful with this one. So Recently I ordered a used strat planning to make some kind of EVH frankenstrat guitar.. My immediate reaction was "so that's how he gets his thick wall of sound tone!". I hear that these 2 pickups sound kind of similar, but that the SD has more midrange focus than the 500T. I like the dirty fingers, and I have never actually played the super distortion. i recommend a duncan distortion sh6. Not only do I think it has the best sound and output overall, the range of adjustability on the thing makes it versatile enough to match to any other pickup without losing anything from it. I want to maybe try a dirty fingers in my lp custom. the super D does best in a thiner piece of wood a la SG, Exployer or flying V. I never thought they belonged in a les paul. The Gibson Dirty Fingers Humbucker is the pickup so loud it refused to be silenced. All of the Gibson pickups on the list above are high-quality products - but that doesn't mean they're the right choice for everyone. Gibson introduced these models in the 1980s specifically for thrash metal, glam rock, and heavy metal genres. These Gibson bridge-only pickups are extreme-output units designed for more of everything. I own a Gibson Les Paul Classic 1960. I dont know if I want to put a Gibson dirty fingers pick up in it or a SD SH-4. Norton replaced the stock Gibson 57 Custom pickup. the 500T is ceramic. Re: Duncan Distortion vs. Super Distortion vs. The Dirty Fingers humbucker has returned after a 20-year absence to once again deliver the critical union between power and dirt. Dirty Fingers Pickup $154.99. if you want any sort of clarity or you like cleaner tones, id go with something a bit more controlled. I have a friend who is willing to sell me a set of Dirty Fingers humbuckers for $90. :question: Thank you Se.Fr Im thinking about to swap the bridge 490T with a Dirty Fingers on my SG Special. Now I have a 57 Classic from Gibson and I search a new one, which is hotter. If you're looking for an immediate change in your sound, the P-94R Neck and the Dirty Fingers are the top choices. in terms of high gain pickup in a historic, i pretty much narrowed it down to dimarzio super distortion, gibson dirty fingers and suhr aldrich bucker. 2 Options Mini-Humbucker - Bridge Pickup $154.99. Maybe I have the opportunity to get a Dirty Fingers from 1979 (or 1978).

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