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It was brown ocean water outside the Cartagena, Colombia region also. However, she has trepidation about moving her and her kids to the states. Good luck. If you were to do so, you’d notice Costa Rica comes up in almost every top 10 list of places to be. 4. The care might cost a fraction of what it does in the United States, but you might also discover that trying to see your doctor is an all-day event. If you do, then you can return to arrange your affairs, complete the paperwork, and then make everything official. 4. 7. Retirees might love what life offers in Costa Rica for them, but there will be times when you miss your family as well. I meant housing style, rustic. You will find a diverse range of biomes available to explore if you are thinking about spending your retirement in Costa Rica. Any ideas? Required fields are marked *. By comparison, assisted living in the US costs anywhere between 1000-5000 USD a month depending on the location, while in Costa Rica, you will only pay half of that figure or even less. Pork is plentiful but tough and beef is hard to find and very tough. Now where I lived in Asia nobody spoke English, and it’s surprising how well you can get along as you learn their language. Is a/c needed all, year round? Low Cost of Living in Costa Rica for Expats. You may not have everything in the world, but there are enough raw ingredients to make great food. You see these are just two of the questions I have. If interested in our project email me at The rich one living in isolation who ends up frustrated and goes back home? I don’t know about Utiva area. The Rentista Program qualifies you if you hold a current cash balance of $60,000 or a monthly income of $2,500 for at least 2 years. Rent for a year absolutely good advice. You will still have a significant police presence in the country to protect you, but the government’s commitment to peace and prosperity makes them a true neutral where there is no threat of political agenda interfering with your retirement. You legally can’t work as a laborer in CR- only as owner of a business. When you want to retire to Costa Rica, then you’re probably dreaming of sunshine, beaches, mountains, and relaxation. All your reasons for why it won’t work are exactly why I would want to go there. There are two approaches to such a life: (1) live as an expat and seek out other expats and (2) go native. How possible is it to travel about the country w/o a car? Maybe rent entirely. It’s not free for expats, but access to the Costa Rica health care is very affordable, often less than $100 per month for complete coverage. You’re on the right track- google is your friend. This is not the case in Costa Rica, since by living here, you really get what you pay for. You can in Panama, cuz AXA health plan, used to be Canal Health Plan, Retired feds can use it living there. I’ve read some very negative comments regarding high power bills, muggings, and some other things. I am overwhelmed with paying all my bills in Northern California. Our purpose is to possibly find an area where we could rent, for a month or more, in the future. Retiree, or pensionado residency requires a monthly income of $1000 or more from a pension or retirement fund and is valid for five ... Low Cost of Living. Costa Rica is not a country for everyone. I only speak conversational Spanish. But VERIFY. Want a name-brand drug? Click for other information about Costa Rica. There are more U.S. residents per capita in the country than anywhere else in the world outside of the United States. I am going to stay in the second category. For example, if you choose to run your air conditioning 24/7 or eat out at restaurants every night, your retirement will cost more. First, are you gonna live together in CR? Will move there permanently in Mar 2018. You can retire in Costa Rica if you invest in a local business. Retiring to Costa Rica has several pros and cons to consider that are unique to every situation. Costa Rica is at the top of the list, along with Ecuador. 7. But there are no English speaking expats here outside Santiago. Then you can stay there for up to 90 days to see if you would want to retire there. You are unable to work as an employee on any of the visas that allow you to live here after you retire. If I could hook up with an expat that has lived there for a while and could answer my question it would make my ability to move there much easier. Costa Rica does not require citizens of the United States to have a visa before entering the country. There are also private health insurance plans available in the marketplace. Needless to say, I am excited about this next adventure in my and my wife’s lives. I’m gonna keep reading and monitoring your website. Stable Government. Have a great time. I can’t imagine that their waters (besides Jaco, of course) even approximate the problems that exist with ocean pollution everywhere that people live in the world today. So, which of the two kinds of expats will you be? Your email address will not be published. Rent alone is over 1,700.00 a month. DO NOT ENJOY BIG CITIES BUT LOVE THE OCEAN. I prefer big cities to small towns and am accustomed to getting around using public transportation. You don’t want to move to Costa Rica if…. I may be missing something here, but can’t you just order what you want over the internet? I have a good career and a healthy savings. I think if this were an article about southern California, then I would include a warning to check which beaches you end up at… What am I missing? We rarely hear of violent crime here, but petty theft is ramped. do have info on there counties or just costa rica? I am divorced, and met a nice woman from CR online. The humid beach towns, particularly along the Caribbean coast, are often plagued with mosquitoes, which can carry dengue fever. Costa Rica was one of those places. You are invariably going to get soaked. There is a saying in Costa Rica, it’s actually the unofficial motto of the country: Pura Vida. WHAT DO YOU THINK? next fall. , don’t want to be too rural but DEFINITELY DO need to be near ocean. Retirement Planning Learn how much you need to retire comfortably, and how to prepare for the "unexpected" in retirement. Where To Retire In Costa Rica – Reasons To Consider It: 1. Being single ,I would also like to be near females that enjoy a fun guy ! Several factors, including the actual city, it’s size, and the geographic location in the country all impact your rental costs for an apartment when you retire. Well, there IS a “Four Seasons” hotel in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, but ... 2. We started as friends; but now talk/IM/email throughout the day, everyday and have for sometime now. I guess I’m really hoping to immerse myself in the Tico culture for maybe 4-5 years. ). But the teller in the bank probably won’t. Flying into Liberia and staying at the Westin Playa Conchal. Is this even accurate? We would prefer to be in an environment closer to home. There are some adjustments that you will need to make in the first days after your move, but there will be several moments where you can experience some familiarity as well. If you need the latest version iPhone, it may not even be available in Costa Rica for a year after launch in the states. Dirty ocean water? Living a modest lifestyle here to extend your retirement savings can create a boring life for some people and couples. You can get by in Costa Rica spending only a little. Because there are only a handful of bike lanes available to cyclists throughout the country. If you don’t love the culture don’t do it. It can be helpful to spend the first couple of years looking around for a place that you love. All real estate agents deal in long term rentals, sometimes to the detriment of those who have homes for sale. 10) You'll feel right at home. Bring a friend and rent a car and explore the Central Valley yourself. You will want to remain on guard when you see a pack of them, and never allow yourself to be backed into a corner. Costa Rica was one of the original retire overseas destinations which means prices have had a long time to increase. Since we live in the mountains, a/c isn’t necessary which keeps electricity costs down. Costa Rica … Unlike many North Americans, I would not be interested in living in a “remote/peaceful” small town or near the beach, nor would I be interested in buying property (I prefer to rent). Whether you find yourself in the cloud forests or standing on the white-sand beaches, this country offers some incredible rewards when you decide to live here during the next phase of your life. When you make this country your home, then it is possible to purchase a round-trip ticket from here to several American cities for about $300 per person if you plan in advance. It can be difficult to adjust your circumstances if you change your mind. Answers to Your Costa Rica Retirement Questions. I have a college degree in Spanish and speak Spanish fluently, which has allowed me to understand the Tico culture and way of life perhaps better than your average expat. Thanks. Developing nations work like that. Don’t mind living Tico style, almost prefer it. Although this disadvantage is not present all of the time, it is a significant concern if you are trying to retire on a budget to Costa Rica. I am retiring from the U.S. Military this September and will be receiving between $36,000-$48,000 annually. I’m thinking of a 1-2 week vacation over the Christmas holidays. You will just need to ensure that you have taken care of your bureaucratic responsibilities to stay there so that your retirement can be everything you dreamed it could be. Your first resident option when retiring to Costa Rica is the Pensionado Program, which was made specifically for retirees. Most Ticos do not … My wife and I will soon be retired and CR looks very inviting. 8. The only stipulation that you have is to show a valid passport upon arrival. Some place where I can take advantage of altitude for a/c, yet be within a short drive of a beach. August 30, 2013 |  Category:  . To be sure, the lifestyle you plan to live will determine how much a Costa Rican retirement will actually cost you. I’m really looking for something no more than an hour from Uvita. I am looking forward to continuing emails with you. Vacationing in Costa Rica 3/25- 4/1, happen to be retiring (husband) immediately on returning to states. Check it out. Single Americans can often make this decision happen with only their Social Security check supporting them. We want to leave Trumpistan. I’m glad to find your website/blog. Are there any tennis communities around the ocean? And communicate what is really important to you before you make the commitment to Costa Rica. W ithout a doubt, Costa Rica is more expensive than some of the other so-called retirement/relocation havens in the region. i am retiring United airline employee . 9) Costa Rica has a low incidence of violent crime and strong political stability. If you decide to move as a couple, then your housing expenses per person get cut even further, allowing you to have an affordable, enjoyable time together. . And, unfortunately, they’re unavoidable. If you manage your money wisely in Costa Rica, then you can legitimately retire here for under $20,000 per year as an individual. Maybe we’re looking for a non existing tropical paradise. If you don’t learn the language, life in Costa Rica will be much tougher. Swam anyway, until we discovered they were dumping their raw sewage in it. I think lazy is prejorative and unfair to categorize an entire nation on your feelings. But I can say that you will find high-quality healthcare here – and it’s affordable too. I’m 74 she 72 and our monthly income will be about $3,000. I won’t have a car. That’s like moving to a rural Mississippi trailer park. So they end up learning no Spanish. The question that quickly follows “Why, did you move to Costa Rica” is “How, did you move to Costa Rica” with the implied “at such a young age, and retired”. The exchange rate is $1 to 568.61 CRC, effectively meaning that you will multiply your wealth 600 times. Language barrier and all. If you don’t mind going down there to live on the light end of the spending spectrum, a couple can retire in this country for about $2,500 per month. 1. Tony, Money? Appreciate your honesty, too. Six years? For many retirees, soon-to-be retirees, and those not quite ready to retire but looking for new horizons, the idea of moving to Costa Rica often leads to a number of questions. Re: dirty ocean… The waters *look* dirty for the most part. Some Ticos will claim they need food but they’d never consider planting a fruit tree in their back yard. Usually what happens is that this disparity makes things very expensive in a country, but … Check it out. ?– Don’t want to be in heavy duty tourist area (owned a cottage on Cape Cod MA so been there, done that…!) You will need to take into account how much money you take with you each day, the way you dress, and even the location of your home or apartment to see if you are comfortable with this situation. This begs the question: What are you doing searching for retirement locations in the first place? Great Health Care. Probably not! Suz, I am surprised by the comment that the Costa Rican ocean “waters are not very clean.” What comparison is being made here? Thoughts on location? Health Care in Costa Rica is very cheap, as soon as you get your costa rican residency you ll be under the public health care system, paying $80- $100 a month, it ll include doctor visits, medication and medical tests. 10. I haven’t found tough pork there and coasts are close when looking for seafood. 20 Renting vs Buying a House Pros and Cons, 18 Major Advantages and Disadvantages of the Payback Period, 20 Advantages and Disadvantages of Leasing a Car, 19 Advantages and Disadvantages of Debt Financing, 24 Key Advantages and Disadvantages of a C Corporation, 16 Biggest Advantages and Disadvantages of Mediation, 18 Advantages and Disadvantages of a Gated Community, 17 Big Advantages and Disadvantages of Focus Groups, 17 Key Advantages and Disadvantages of Corporate Bonds, 19 Major Advantages and Disadvantages of Annuities, 17 Biggest Advantages and Disadvantages of Advertising. You can build a home here for less than $150000 we have the local building crew and the first house has been completed. Fed Ex and DHL are getting better to high population areas. This was years ago, maybe Costa Rica does the same, maybe not? Admittedly, we brought our own spices with us! Long term, steady income about $5K/month. There are no other income qualifications with this option at the time of writing, although you will need to pay a $250 application fee. Finances wouldn’t be a consideration, but … what is the internet situation around the country? In Cartagena, Colombia there are expensive boats, but not all those really expensive houses. Costa Rica is home to many undernourished and stray street dogs. The country does allow you to own a company and receive dividends from it. You will want to see which local versions help to satisfy whatever cravings that you have. Duties on cars range from 50-80% of the MSRP. You have access to the beach, climbing trails, and urban hiking environments. Any suggestions. @, did you find someone to chat with about your questions? We have monkeys, toucans and scarlet macaws daily. I’m curious about cost of living factors and I’m a little put off by the figures for electricity. It is rural with a small town feel in many areas, which doesn’t work for everybody. We live in Texas now and would love a less materialistic lifestyle. One of the reasons I want to visit Costa Rica is to experience a beautiful ocean. I know personally of a Canadian who moved back and also a Kentuckian that moved in. Are there rental retirement centers that supply everything, all inclusive programs? If you are retiring in Costa Rica with … You can retire to Costa Rica without much in savings. 8 Reasons to Retire to Costa Rica in 2020 . If so, will you contact me? Outside of San Jose, the hospitals and clinics can be lacking the most basic diagnostic tools. Will you rent? If someone can help me please contact me at Crime levels may be higher than what you are used to experiencing. So for the male the thing to do is to look for a girlfriend. You must renew the program status every two years at a cost of $100 each. The Gringos have destroyed the real estate market down here. Some expats envision a life where they live at the beach, take daily walks along the surf, and then have a late, large breakfast. Downtown city boulevards that are five lanes across can sometimes be bumper-to-bumper throughout the day. Fruits and vegetables are less expensive than in the states. How would I go about determining what these and other factors would cost on a monthly/annual basis? If you are on a tight budget, then a property by the beach is out of the question. Thanks so much!! I am a retired E-7 from the Navy and will soon be retired a 2nd time from the DOD as a civilian as will my wife, so I think I can meet the financial aspect quite easily. Rents are modest and the high 70 degree temps year round eliminate the need for AC. Some aren’t very active but still have good info. Any suggestions, comments or recommendations will be very much appreciated. The immigration system might have you following some specific rules, but it can also be pretty lax. According to most of the information available online about Costa Rica, the country boosts a stable economy and is relatively safe. But my question is what would I expect to need money wise to survive comfortably down there with her and her kids? Some expats are drunks, dopers, perverts, criminals, people you would never associate with at home. Of course there are pristine looking waters, but I’ll stand by my unscientific personal opinion that Costa Rica waters are dirty. It depends on how much risk you want to assume. I think 1/2 or more of you reading this are not good candidates for moving to Costa Rica or anywhere else. You can even choose to visit a private clinic if you prefer and pay for it in cash if you don’t like the idea of universal care. 5. Too bad it appears that Americans may be ruining it… but still, I hope to go back at least one more time and see for myself. Few North Americans know Costa Rica as well as Paul and Gloria Yeatman, authors of the popular blog, Retire for Less in Costa Rica. In the end it’s all about lifestyle. The import costs to bring food items and foreign luxuries into Costa Rica are very high, which means you will be consuming a lot of local goods to avoid customs’ duties if you decide to retire here. In the latter trip I was traveling with vegetarian – pescatarians. As far as a guide, I can’t help. Reading these comments answered some questions for me. 6. I see there is a good size city on the Caribbean coast called Limon I think and I was thinking they probably had a Dr and so forth. 17 Things You Might Not Know About Costa Rica You never know when political situations might change and Americans may not be so welcome. It’s not free for expats, but access to the Costa Rica health care is very affordable, often less than $100 per month for complete coverage. We live in a gated community with an armed guard, and we have bars on all of our windows and doors. Fridge, electronics, washer, dryer (sometimes), four ceiling fans. The locals are friendly but many of them are lazy, which is why they import migrant workers from Nicaragua. That is quite the loaded question. Hope this helps. The city traffic in Costa Rica can sometimes be exceptionally bad. The city discovered that my wife and I had decided to live in the basement of the home (a basement apartment), so that my son and his family could have the … Is there anyone with experience of living in/around Liberia/Hermosa/Tamarindo area, who can tell me about monthly electric and water costs for a three bed house with a pool? Some medical (type 1 diabetes). Affordable Healthcare. If you don’t like the rain, then don’t come to Costa Rica in October. While my experience in CR is limited to resorts and their place, I would choose a place away from San Jose and Liberia, move to the mountains and enjoy the jungles and small towns. How about Costa Rica? I get a monthly check for a $1000.00 and a few months ago I went to the internet to see where in the world a person could live comfortably on that amount. Facebook groups are also active. I’m curious because my wife and I are considering a move there. Unfortunately, many equate the cost of living with quality of life. The rainy season in its entirety can be a little problematic in some cities where the infrastructure lags behind a little. 2. After all, the main dish served everywhere is chicken and rice (or some variation.) I enjoy people and would like to be near the ocean . Many retirees have adopted them because their circumstances are so sad. Yearly income is $21000. You will spend a lot of time in traffic otherwise. Most of the retirees who move to Costa Rica and need some additional income look at the option of a web-based business. Most of the private hospitals work with USA medicare. Your question is too generic… But there’s a start. Cost of Living in Costa Rica. Your email address will not be published. That’s why it is a good idea to take a vacation here first before deciding if this is going to be your retirement destination. Google living on $1500. Thanks for your input. 7 Best reasons to retire to Costa Rica. BUT these schools are located in the Central Valley of Costa Rica unfortunately not there at Rural Areas or other provinces where everybody wants to live (seeing Tucans, Monkies and Nature ! Costa Rica is expensive – certainly, it’s the most expensive country in Central American and one of the most expensive in Latin America (though we still save 33% over our U.S. cost of living). Jeff davis. AT A GLANCE THINKING CAHUITA. Easy Residency. Learned a lot about CR from the comment section. 2-10 Mbps down for $60-100 month. It is a great deal, I know of no other country you can do this. You can get to higher altitudes in the Central Valley, where a/c is very rare. She of course works a decent job, but I don’t want to be a sponge. I’m very much interested in moving to Costa Rica preferably on the Caribbean side. We stayed on the Nicoya Peninsula and our dinners out featured excellent fresh fish. Crime Rate – It’s true, the law is weak and they often let lawbreakers off the hook (however the murder rate has been increasing… I find being a gourmet cook in Costa Rica as easy as cooking well in Alaska. I am considering retiring to Costa Rica, but am on a fairly limited budget – Social Security and a state retirement. Wow Mark, great “mean spirited” response to ol’ Luther, who seemed to be sincere in his question and didn’t come across as a “horn dog” just cause he is a “fun guy” who likes females. We don’t want to move somewhere where we may not have the peace and quiet we need. Yes, the cost of living has gone up a lot in Costa Rica, it’s not that cheap place to move to in the tropics anymore. If you’ll be happy in a smaller 2 BR home w/ pool you can find them. ENJOY FLORA AND FAUNA. But I also can comment on what it is like in general for the gringo to come live in Latin America. Other ingredients for the chef can be impossible to find. It’s probably cheaper to live in Panama than it is in Costa Rica. Hi we have some Oceanview acreage on the Central Pacific coast at 1100 ft no need for air cond! Any thoughts on my choices and/or alternatives appreciated. I’m concerned because we’re not exactly young anymore. We cooked our own meals most of the time, and the quality of the produce was fine. Hello Mark, Hi I’m Beverly, 63 and live on disability. It is easier to return for a visit with your family in Costa Rica. can a retired federal government worker use his/her bcbs insurance in costa rica? New laws and regulations are looking to reduce the impact of this disadvantage, but it could be some time before the effects are felt. Mail delivery is a gamble. We love cooking, reading, walking,sun & surf, and are social– but at our age– we go to bed by 10pm…! Where do I go to book a hotel (or 2 week rental) and find a guide to show me around? I have done (2) but now am living alone again so was considering (1) to perhaps make some friends. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against “my fellow Americans” (quoting Richard Nixon), but I don’t see any sense in moving to Costa Rica to hang out with expats. I would prefer apartment style living; high rise is okay.. Yes, in Costa Rica most private schools keep your kids from 7 am to 2:15 pm others from 8 am to 4:00 pm. There are people who have overstayed their visa by several years without any follow-up. Kolbi ICE is nationwide with cable TV Internet. I’m skeptical of Gringos that say they can live like Ticos.

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