how to catch mangrove jack on lures

By | December 6, 2020

Mangrove Jack are a great sports fish and a Jack attack is swift and aggressive so there's no time to day dream if you want to land one. 60cm of tough fluorocarbon such as, Any good 3-4″ paddle tail soft plastic such asÂ. Jacks are usually only actively feeding for a couple of hours a day, so focus your efforts on those times rather than wasting entire days peppering snags when the fish aren’t active. Sunline fluorocarbon leaders are Dan’s preference. Adult Mangrove Jacks can be found at depths in excess of 100m. The Great Mistake Understanding the concept of a bite window and knowing when jacks will be biting (or not) can reduce the time wasted fishing when the chance of success is low. The author, Matt Stott, with a thumper Gold Coast jack that crash tackled a 4” red Shad SwimmerZ and took some fancy rod work to extract. Hot Tip For Catching Mangrove Jack It’s easy to fish in the wrong places, so Dan explains how to recognise structure that’s likely to hold plenty of red dogs! Angling for Mangrove Jack: The mangrove jack is one of the most popular and sought-after tropical estuarine species.Many are taken on live or dead baits fished close to cover, or on lures - especially minnow-style plugs or wobblers - cast, retrieved or trolled from a boat, or from the river bank. Lures and jigheads: Mangrove jack will take a range of lures and ZMan 4" SwimmerZ, ZMan 4" DieZel MinnowZ and 3" MinnowZ are a great place to start and have proven to be jack favourites. Structure is the key when targeting mangrove jacks. When you first start fishing for barramundi, don’t buy good lures. The spin rods are Dobyns Sierra 10-20lb, 7’ sticks matched with Shimano Stradic FK 4000s. ... We hope you start catching a few Mangrove Jack! Recommended Lures for Mangrove Jack Fishing. Lure: 60-100mm paddle tail plastics, prawn plastics, pilchards, prawn baits. Come aboard and get all of the latest information delivered straight to your inbox. Figure out the “bite windows”. They are an ambush fish and love leaving there tight little snag for a smashing run at a well presented lure. The best rig for Mangrove Jack fishing…. The Lure Of Mangrove Jacks Dan explains what it is about fishing for mangrove jacks that makes the sport so rewarding. With summer now in full swing I have two estuary species that I really enjoy chasing on lures and soft plastics: summer whiting and mangrove jack. Trying to catch barramundi comes at great cost. In offshore environments, they typically inhabit rocky and coral reefs. As Mangrove jack are typically encountered throughout Australia as a by catch rather than an intended target species most northern estuary baits such as fresh fish strips and cut pieces of squid are suitable for most situations as are also soft plastic and hard bodied lures. Place a pilchard cube onto a hook and drift it into the mix on unweighted rigs. HOW TO IDENTIFY MANGROVE JACK. Mangrove Snapper are most frequently aggressive strikers but at times can be subtle eaters as well. If you want the best info and range on jack lures and gear, drop into Sporty’s fishing at Bundall. They prefer shaded, complex structure that allows them to pack in tight, often in small schools. Leader: 20-40lb Monofilament Keep that term in mind because it comes along very often. Get to know the types of structure jacks favour. Dans Best Mangrove Jack Lures For Bowen Berkley Gulp Crazy Leg 5″ Jerk Shad in pink shine colour is a top choice for throwing into heavy cover for jacks and jacks often take them on the drop. Mangrove Jack Lures For Sale – Here at Fishing Tackle Shop we have taken all the guesswork out of finding the best lures for mangrove jack and have put together a good selection below of the styles that should do the trick. When chasing jacks on lure it is best to target them on the bottom of the tide as the less water around the snags means your lure is closer to the fish. He loves camping, fishing and kayak fishing. Structure, is a fishing terms that describes areas where it is often difficult to fish, under ledges, among mangroves and the like. The roots of the mangrove trees are a perfect estuary for the snapper. You couldn’t ask for more in a sportsfish. Place a pilchard cube onto a hook and drift it into the mix on unweighted rigs. MANGROVE JACK (lutjanus argentimaculatus) is one of our most sought after species as they can grow to a very formidable size but more importantly have the reputation as being the hardest hitter in the rivers.It is hard to explain the power and explosive speed that that this species can strike at when it comes to demoralising lures and baits. Reel: Baitcaster If the fish are finicky, use lures on the smaller size, but if they’re really aggressive, you can use larger lures. I was pretty slack during the last jack season, with only a handful of sessions dedicated to targeting them. Lure: Killalure Flatz Ratz, Predatek Spoonbill, Transams, Threadybusters, poppers, Rod: 4-6 kg spin Get yourself a bulk order of super cheap lures from ebay, and a bulk order of cheap traces and swivels too. Mangrove jack, or red dogs as some people like to call them, are the most popular sports fish on the market. To book your private mangrove jack charter with us SMS 0432 990 302. DINGA Pty Ltd. All rights reserved. They are most commonly encountered during the adolescent phase at approximately 20-50cm in length. Apple  |  Stitcher  |  Google  |  Spotify  | iHeart | MP3, Copyright © 2018 & Dr Greg Vinall |, Mangrove Jack can grow as large as 1.2m (15kg) but it is not common to catch a fish of this size. So what does this mean for your beloved lure? In this article, we will be touching on tips and techniques along with the location and best bite times. Floating hardbody lures around 100mm with deep diving bibs are ideal for Jacks, as are poppers and similar size paddle tail plastics. Lure fishing is definitely the most exciting form of mangrove jack fishing as you are more actively chasing the fish. Mangrove Jack. Copyright 2019. Learn more about the Mangrove Jack, how to catch them and where to find Mangrove Jack. Mangrove jack have teeth that can destroy lures, but the flexibility and durability of Z-Man's ElaZtech means more fish per lure. barramundi - mangrove jack - lures. When the tide is high, cast beyond the target and jerk down to depth before the target is reached. Jacks are also particularly receptive to soft vibe style lures that are worked along the edges of mangrove habitat and over rock bars. Humminbird Australia, Minn Kota and BLA are suppliers of marine electronics including fish finders and trolling motors used by Dan to find and hold station on jacks. Luckycraft pointer 100mm deep runner is a great lure for catching mangrove jacks around bridge pylons, rock walls and deep pontoons, to around 3m depth. Mangrove Jack (Lutjanus argentimaculatus) are the demon fish of Australian waterways. Snags that are below water at low tide tend to hols larger numbers of fish as jacks don’t move up with the tide onto snags that are in the tidal zone. Let us know and share with everyone else through the comments section below. Mangrove Jack is often mistaken for Red Bass but Mangrove Jack have a much taller dorsal fin. Growing up fishing Moreton Bay, the desire to chase mangrove jack was never really strong, because it was something out of the norm. Mangrove Jacks are one of the toughest sportsfish species on the planet, and they really one of my favorites to fish for just that reason. Tides of 2.7m or higher will overtop the banks, allowing fish to gorge themselves among the mangroves and making them difficult to tempt with a lure. It’s still early in the season but loads of fish will be willing to have a chew on a bait or lure. Mangrove Jacks are most prevalent in tropical mangrove creeks but can be encountered as far south as the mild temperate waters of Sydney. Meet Dan Kaggelis Greg takes some time to get to know Dan! As I mentioned, October is a great month in which to catch mangrove jack. Since baitfish are biggest in this season, fish are focused on larger baits, so use lures from 4-6″. Jack’s have a reputation for burying baits, lures, and leaders deep into dark snag-strewn lairs, never to be seen again. Juvenile jacks primarily reside in the lower reaches of freshwater streams and rivers. Look to cast your bait as close to the mangroves as possible. Dan Kaggelis is an accomplished sponsored angler who has written numerous articles for Kaydo Fishing World, Queensland Fishing Monthly and Fish and Boat magazines. Mangrove Jack Tackle Dan runs us through the tackle he uses to have a great shot at nailing a jack. Adolescent Mangrove Jack migrate into brackish estuarine environments and take up residence among estuarine structure such as mangroves, rock bars and pylons. There’s no doubt the most entertaining way to chase mangrove jacks is with lures. For surface fishing on snags that are just below water surface at the start of the run in tide the Lucky Craft G Splash is an awesome choice. It’s ( MJ ) on the front foot of getting back to its snag before you realise its hit your lure and quite possibly if you don’t turn his head quickly, goodbye lure hello “W0W” factor. Using a baitcaster is probably the best rod to use when chasing jacks on lures as your casting is far more accurate and you really need to get in amongst the snags to find Jacks. Mainline: 16-20lb braid or gel spun They lurk deep within structure and rampage out at high speed to destroy baits and lures. The baitcast rods are Dobyns Sierra 10-20lb 6’10” rods matched with Shimano Curado K 200 XGs. Mangrove-lined banks: This could be around an island, a shoreline, or a canal. Upon reaching this size jacks migrate out to the Great Barrier Reef and much larger specimens can be caught there on bait. Once they grab hold of their target, they immediately bolt back to cover. However, fishing along the edges of the banks when the tides are close to overtopping can be productive as fish are waiting in anticipation of a feeding session. A hard body lure such a suspending Leeds lure. As with Fingermark, another member of the Lutjanus family, Mangrove Jacks are prime eating.Estuary fish do not appear to grow much bigger than 50 cm and a 5lb specimen is considered a great catch and great sport. Catching Whiting on surface lures has taken the Australian fishing world by storm with this popularity choosing the right whiting lure is key to your success. The reason I do this is so the fish doesn’t feel the sinker as it picks up the bait. Mature adults then leave the estuaries to lurk around headlands or take up residence on offshore rocky or coral reefs. The beauty of fishing for Jacks is the rig is so simple. Any quality baitcast reel with a smooth drag is suitable. Artificial Lures. For open water Dan uses a spin outfit with a 7ft NS Black Hole rod and a 3000 size Daiwa Certate reel, which is perfect for vibing. Mangrove Jacks possess a strong affinity for structure. Mangrove Jack can grow to 1.5m in length in deep offshore environments and are virtually unstoppable beasts. Dan Thanks His Sponsors We acknowledge the companies that help Dan to get his fishing messages out there for all of us to benefit from. For many anglers mangrove jack are a bucket list species, while for others they are an addiction that drives them to spend hours on the water, throwing hundreds of casts, driven by that brutal and explosive strike, followed by a white knuckle battle that is sometimes won and sometimes ends abruptly with shredded leaders and a moment of silence. ... General Discussion; after a bit of advice guys.....what lures are proven to catch barramundi - mangrove jack? Fishing Monthly Magazines Are the smart anglers key to finding out where the fish will be biting in the coming months. Best Conditions For Targeting Jacks Getting to an understanding about the lunar cycles, weather and water conditions that favour jack fishing. The 4 days leading up to the full moon are a good time to fish as the tides are starting to build but the water is still relatively clear. My normal session would be to throw lures at any and all structures until the sun goes down. Mangrove Jack are prevalent all along the east coast to down around Sydney ( Isolated captures ) In SE Qld they are not in huge numbers as is the case up north, however the size of the fish seems to be significantly larger in SE Qld than up north. They are so common there that the ‘grey’ name is usually changed to ‘mangrove’. In freshwater and estuarine environments, Mangrove Jacks commonly reside among timber snags, mangrove roots, bridge pylons, and rock bars. How To Find Mangrove Jacks Around Bowen Dan explains what to look for (and where) when you find yourself fishing for mangrove jacks in Bowen. You have to be ready for a fight if you hook a mangrove jack. They can be caught on bait, lures or flies; using surface lures is my personal favourite method for this species. Rod: 4-6kg baitcaster CRYSTAL MINNOW™ SUSPENDING. But in these creeks on a … How to Catch Mangrove Jack on Lures. Make Wooden Lures is Greg “Doc Lures” Vinall’s passion project, where he shows fishermen from all over the world how easy it is to hand make their own custom lures. Mainline: 20lb braid Popular colours in the range include: 4" SwimmerZ - Bad Shad, AYU, Shiner, Smokey Shad and Pearl. Few things can compare to the hit-and-run smack of a good jack crunching an artificial and making a crash dive for the nearest line shredding structure. Mangrove Jack Report: Mangrove Jack are one of the most aggressive predatory species in the estuaries and with Barramundi off the cards in the salt, we have plenty of people making enquiries about how to catch these angry red fish. Mangrove Jacks are suckers for lures of all styles, shapes, and colours. Ensure you experience the power and aggression of a Mangrove Jack at some point in your fishing journey. Bowen offers both clear water and dirty water jack fishing opportunities. From crankbaits, to vibration baits, stickbaits, popper, jerkbaits and more, you’ll find all the info you need to go from zero to hero in no time! Profile (size) and presentation is more important than brand or color when it comes to artificial lures. Newsletter. They are aggressive and savage predators that destroy potential prey and obliterate unwary or underprepared anglers. Most days they will hit a bait so hard it beds the rod immediately, but occasionally they will barely touch the bait and sit still while eating it. Mangrove Jacks thrive in tropical coastal waterways that have a clean freshwater input from mountain streams. Recommended baits, lures and rigs. Want more stuff like this? Packed with informative, how-to fishing articles from the country’s best authors. Is there anything you would like to add to this article? I simply use a running sinker straight to a KL 3/0 circle hook. Another productive way to catch Mangrove Jack is to anchor up next to a substantial snag and berley-up with cubes of pilchards. They inhabit gnarly structure, deliver explosive strikes, fight tough and dirty, and they taste sensational. Dan likes a 5’6″ 8-10kg baitcast outfit for fishing in the smaller creeks and tighter cover. Mangrove Jack Lures Australia. Jacks always feed the hardest on the first run in of the tide which often means the bite doesn’t last very long. Even a fish of 1-3kg is a real struggle to catch because they are such dirty fighters - what makes them so popular. That was nice! Jacks are also particularly receptive to soft vibe style lures that are worked along the edges of mangrove habitat and over rock bars. The Ballista LED popper is also a good choice for this situation. But in my opinion, bait fishing is just as effective, if not more successful. Here’s a brief guide to the behaviour and habits of Mangrove Jack and some tips on how to catch them. Fact box: Where jack lives Mangrove jacks are members of the Lutjanid family, which also includes red emperor, golden snapper, moses perch, large mouth nannygai and red bass amongst many other species. I take four rods when I am heading out to try catching mangrove jack – two spin and two baitcast setups. Jacks are powerful and dirty fighters that are responsible for the majority of lines and lures obliterated in tropical estuaries. Leader: 20-40lb fluorocarbon They are among the hardest hitting sport fish in Australian estuaries and arguably the tastiest. Weight them lightly and fish them weedless then work them through heavy cover, letting them sink … Mangrove Jack will attack their food/lure by coming out of their hidey hole, circle the lure and hit it on its way back to their hidey hole. Dan’s Best Mangrove Jack Lures Greg pressures Dan to narrow down lure selection to a handful that consistently tempt mangrove jacks. Every cast or spot is a possible fish. Lures or bait? Another productive way to catch Mangrove Jack is to anchor up next to a substantial snag and berley-up with cubes of pilchards. EJ Todd Fishing Solutions are importers and suppliers of many of the top brands of tackle used by Dan for mangrove jack fishing, including the Sunline braid and fluorocarbon leaders, Black Hole rods and Lucky Craft lures mentioned in this episode. How to catch Whiting on lures. He’s spent a decade getting the mangrove jack in the Bowen area wired and now living in Cairns, is heavily involved in lobbying for recreational fishing facilities. Tony … You’ll need 1.2m metres of tide to get access to the creeks around Bowen. Work slowly if the tide is low. FINDING BARRAMUNDI IN THE QUEENSLAND WET SEASON, FISHING FOR AMBERJACK WITH ARTIFICIAL BAITS, WHAT YOUR SKIPPER IS DOING WHEN YOU HOOK A MARLIN. by Dan Kaggelis | Australian Lure Fishing. Mangrove jack. Peter has been fishing all around Australia since he was a boy. Mangrove Jack exhibit an intriguing life history that involves a distinct transition from freshwater habitats to deep-water coral reefs. _____ The Kimberley....perfect one day and more perfect the next!!! In creeks and brackish estuary zones, this means submerged timber and broken rock, and you can add bridge and jetty pylons and rock walls in more general estuary areas. Get the best fishy photos, videos, and stories straight into your inbox! You’ll lose them. Reel: Size 25 spin A tropical species, jacks extend as far south as Sydney and are a relatively common catch in northern NSW and southern Queensland. That cost is lost lures, traces and fishing line.

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