acer gundog training reviews

By | December 6, 2020

I have now started to use some of the training methods on my older dogs – it is certainly never too late to teach an old dog new tricks or indeed the owners! Professionals will only be given your details once they've sent you a quote. We would be happy to recommend Acer. Highly recommended!”, “Just finished a series of 1-2-1’s with Russ at Acer Gundog Training and highly recommend them. This really is a big achievement for him as he has such high levels of excitement and energy. Find Acer Gundog Training Ltd in Royston, SG8.  I saw Acer training in a local magazine and contacted Mark to find out what was involved. when he saw a dog he wanted to play with. Fantastic training from Gemma and Russ - thank you! Tiggy thoroughly enjoys the class too and I cannot wait for the next one!”, “Have had a set of 1:1 lessons and now attending Beginner Gundog Training . Of course training is always ongoing but when hard work is teamed up with such fun – the results are there to see. After training thousands of dogs over the years, I decided to create a … We have been really pleased in the improvement in consistency in Bill's behaviour and walks have become much more relaxed and enjoyable as a result. Emma’s classes focus on training me and harnessing his natural abilities to bring out the best in him. We have just graduated from puppy to beginner training and I can’t wait to see us progress further with our training. Mark’s ways of teaching are fantastic and are always very positive, Isla, my Cocker Spaniel enjoys these classes very much (Wednesdays have become her favourite day). I especially like that if required he will give a blunt strait answer to a straight question and I really appreciate this.Â, In class I am constantly amazed, every week, at the things Baxter does even when often I believe them to be impossible and yet everytime at the end of the lesson Baxter is doing what’s asked of him, usually I think very well. He loves his classes and practicing things we’ve learnt keeps him entertained out on walks (and means he sleeps the rest of the day! We are hoping to work Harvey in the future but also aim to have a well behaved and sociable dog. Everything we worked on made perfect sense, was clearly explained and fluid. We couldn't recommend Acer more, their positive approach to dog training makes it fun and enjoyable for both dogs and humans! Everyone is so friendly & approachable at Acer, so if your looking for a first class training establishment whether for pet or gundog which gets results l ca highly recommend Acer“, “This is dog training on a whole different level. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialists.  I am gradually learning how to train her and keep her stimulated, so that she doesn’t constantly make her own entertainment (ie. In the few sessions that I have been to with Mark, Basil is almost unrecognisable. Your dog does not have to be a highly trained gundog to do these. These are the most common things people say when they first contact Acer: He pulls on the lead all the time. Mark is a strong advocate of positive reinforcement, something that is surprising rare in the Gundog world. Our household now has a pet that ‘anyone’ could handle with nothing more than a whistle, a clicker, lots of love (and maybe a bit of chicken would help too tbh) There is one last thing that I want to add - these classes have been so much fun and are a highlight of our week, they give us things to practice during the week helping to keep Angus engaged and under control whilst out for a walk. After the first five minutes, it was clear that my dog had the bug and it only took another five minutes for me to follow. His recall is excellent & already tuned in with the whistle too. We still walk with a long line, just in case that rabbit or pussy cat decides to test Monty, but we both enjoy our walks now, with lots of play to keep his engagement and focus on me instead of the environment. We both love Sunday mornings! Couldn’t recommend it enough. So, there you are, even with some years of having dogs there is always something to be learned. W elcome to my website, my name is Annie Wales and I specialise in gundog and obedience training either 1-1 or in small groups; from complete beginners to advanced gundog training and problem solving. Mark conducts every session with a gentle, yet efficient approach – I happily make the 40 minute journey because of this. We wanted to help Vinnie and also make the introduction between Vinnie and the new puppy as positive as possible. Both Russ and Tori have been amazing at class – genuinely showing an interest in how we’re getting on and they are always happy to chat through any new challenges we have. She is an incredibly kind, knowledgeable and encouraging trainer and we both really enjoy her classes. s. The tea break allows the puppies to socialise with each other and for the owners to ask any questions. One of the bonuses about working outdoors is that we can continue to help owners on an individual basis through lockdown. They certainly don’t want to have their arm yanked out of its socket and to suffer the frustration of seeing their dog disappear over the horizon and completely ignore them every chance it gets. So a big thank you to all the trainers but especially to Mel, who always has a ready smile, encouraging words of advice and practical suggestions for any behavioural issues. Having a happy and well-mannered dog is what is at the top of most people's wishlists when they first come to Acer for help with their gundog training. A well trained dog is a joy to handle but without good guidance from a trainer it is hard to achieve on ones own. Mark also helped me to reinforce Vinnie’s recall and taught me a whole bag of other tricks to use in different situations. Mel’s classes are always fun and varied are an excellent way to socialise our dog.

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