consequences for students who misbehave for substitutes

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Looks like the link didn’t set up right originally. However, it doesn’t seem to be working. Applaud them now and get good results the next time. The best part is you can cut and paste them into your own substitute plan template (or the one required by your school). Not only did you lose two days of instruction, but now you also have to deal with the fallout from those days before you can move forward in your curriculum. Running out of materials is another stressful thing for a sub. I've also seen this done as a mystery picture covered with sticky notes. On the lesson plan I ask the sub to leave the name of any students who misbehave or refuse to do the assigned work. Give students the opportunity to move from their seats to the carpet…or around the room to work. They cut class or skip school. You can’t always control who will be spending the day with your students, but you can be proactive in increasing the chances that both your students and the substitute teacher, whomever it is, will have a pleasant and productive day. Otherwise, it will be worse the next time and may even carryover to your day. Invite students to prove how helpful they can be. Keep your day out from turning into a three-ring circus with these 10 simple tips. For example, students earn letters one at a time to make the words EXTRA RECESS. If you are absent unexpectedly at a critical point in instruction — you are just about to introduce a new unit, for example, or your students are presenting their final projects after weeks of study — you may find it necessary to provide alternate plans. Whether it is good or bad, give feedback. On the other hand, it’s possible that some student behaviors were misinterpreted or that the substitute was unable to manage your students. The all-day PD sessions that involve sitting in a cramped desk somewhere listening to a speaker drone on all day long. They rely on your plans to lay out clear pacing and priority. You check your cell phone. They are the students who you spend a good amount of time keeping on track daily. Since my “base” detention time is two hours, that would mean that they get four hours total of detention, Save a new, complicated lesson for when you’re present. But if it bothers you when they misbehave, if it gets under your skin, it will negatively affect your classroom management effectiveness. The off-task students will usually notice that the room suddenly fell silent, and you don’t have to interrupt the rest of the class’ train of thought by saying a word. Sign up to get freebies, exclusive discounts, and more! One left mid-day on the first day. Special conditions like teacher trainings or flu season may further reduce the ranks of available substitutes and result in a new or inexperienced person covering your class. That's awesome!! When a teacher tells a student of a consequence but does not follow through, it affects the teacher's credibility. Principles Principles are akin to guidelines. Be sure your sub plans contain clear details about supports and accommodations your students need – this includes both behavior and academics. Find simple games or partner activities. Let's get real for a minute…I know you've probably been there. One great system for supporting these students is by implementing an individual positive reinforcement system. I know sitting in a day-long PD leaves me antsy and chatty, so I can't act surprised when the same happens to students. There are days I am not ready for that drama so there is no reason for me to put a sub through it. 3–5, Nothing throws off a classroom faster than having a tech issue. When this doesn't happen, it can create chaos amongst students who are bored or overwhelmed. One of your colleagues may even agree to provide a place in his or her classroom for a mildly disruptive student from your class to work during a “time out.” Teachers recognize that on occasion a particular student may have difficulty adjusting to someone besides his or her regular teacher. Set the stage for your own possible absence by telling students that you expect they will treat any substitute teacher with the same respect they show their regular teacher and that they should do their best. The second time you hit, you get a two-day home suspension, and so on. Success! A substitute teacher in one of your students’ other classes may provide an opportunity for this discussion. Other common factors that lead to misbehavior with a substitute Too much text. The sub removed one sticky note each time they see good behavior. Never impose discipline on the group (for example, the whole class loses recess) because of the behaviors of a few. Very young children may even need your explanations modeled or acted out. Even the most interesting topic in the world winds up boring by the time you've sat through several hours. It is just a fact of life in the classroom. The plans may or may not fit neatly with the units you are currently studying, but they should further instructional goals and keep students on task. In fact, choosing appropriate consequences is very difficult for many parents (I know it often baffles me). First offenses get number one, second offences get number two, and so on. The substitute teacher didn’t follow your lesson plans, didn’t check the homework, and didn’t leave a report of what was accomplished during your absence. (Unlikely, if you are prepared!). This super simple step can save you so much trouble (and so many copies) later. Your headache begins to reappear. Make sure your sub plans are workable, you have seating charts, names of "helpful" students, & students to watch out for. move seats, detention); Increases the level of consequence if students will not do the right thing (e.g. How you write them... Tech Troubles. When I had to go back out a few days later, they were great.” —Melana H. “I have my students write letters of apology to the sub, and they put ‘sub apology letters are due’ in their planners so parents could ask them about it.” —McCann V. 2. Don’t let reports of bad behavior go ignored. The regular teacher can greet the substitute before classes begin and answer any questions the substitute might have in terms of rules, schedules, or behavioral expectations. « Building Writing Stamina with Daily Writing Activities, Graphic Organizers for Formative Assessment: 3 graphic organizers every teacher needs ». They also make the day more interesting and interactive for your sub. Since absences are often unplanned, take a moment to talk to your students about your expectations for behavior and class work in the event you are not present on any given day. Early finisher work doesn't need to be boring seat work. Logic puzzles or interesting reading or writing prompts are also a fun way to keep early finishers engaged in learning rather than stirring up trouble. This would allow students to earn a pre-determined reward for their behavior with the substitute. Of course, it didn't help that I had a class with 12 students with significant behavior and social-emotional needs…but I definitely learned from my mistakes. What are some of those other factors? I hate doing sub plans and am excited to download this freebie! Arrange with a nearby colleague to check on one another’s classes in the event either of you is absent. States the date the teacher was out of the classroom and the substitute teacher took his/her place. Specifically describe misbehavior and help students understand the consequences of misbehavior. You can also leave notes about what the students are working toward. even as you use rules and consequences, please don’t rely too heav-ily on them as a mechanical substitute for your genuine and per-sonal enthusiasm for your students and their learning. You'll also have your choice of subs who want to come back to your room again and again. Required fields are marked *. Students who misbehave during your absence should be dealt with individually when you return. Students deserve to have competent instruction in a safe, productive environment. Most often these behaviors are negative attitudes such as students’ failure to participate in activities, disrespect, excessive sociability, partial or negated participation, etc. As you prepare activities, think about how long you would expect them to take the group. Substitutes are put in a position to have to rapidly get a feel for the class and their needs with very little background info. For example, “Kate, Mrs. Davies left you this for while she is gone. Planning takes time and effort, but it will pay off when you return and students have accomplished the tasks you set for them. Getting a bad report from your substitute can be especially frustrating. 10) Give credit where it is due. Substitute Teaching Preparation: Classroom Management. Please try again. Describes misbehavior Paragraph 3: Conclusion The student: 6. While I had wanted to get back sooner, the flu had taken it's toll on me during my first year of teaching and I spent the better part of a week laying on the floor thinking the end was near. If all goes well, praise students when you return for their good work, effort, and behavior while you were out. How to Handle Lying or Misdirection. They stay up too late the night before a test to manufacture an excuse for their substandard score. Then just print out the coordinating printables, and BAM! Download the PDF from here. They may even be called upon to assist the substitute teacher in locating materials or explaining the schedule! Equip her with what she’ll need, and then some. In the mad rush to create last-minute sub plans, it can be challenging to differentiate to the degree that is possible when we are teaching the lessons. I've also included early finisher activities and the skills are all aligned to grade-level standards. Why do we punish students by meting out "consequences" when they misbehave? PreK–K, 3. A simple apology, written or oral, from the student to the substitute can often resolve the situation. TM ® & © 2016 Scholastic Inc. All Rights Reserved. One of the surest ways to get students to disengage or misbehave is to make them feel stupid. You can also leave the name of a neighbor or tech-savvy student who can help troubleshoot if issues arise. 1) Give students a heads up. If any student should misbehave in the presence of the substitute, that student will later need to write an apology letter to the substitute. There are a few other things you can do to help simplify things when you are having a sub. He or she may be called at 6 a.m. and expected to arrive ready to teach an unfamiliar curriculum to an equally unfamiliar group of students, some of whom may be challenging. Here's an example of what a set of punch cards might look like: The sub can hand them out in the morning to those students along with a reminder of what they are working for. These sub plans include almost everything you need to prep for your sub to teach: They were designed based on the solutions you found in this article. Check your inbox for next steps. A group reward system can be helpful if you feel like a large portion of your students are likely to struggle with the sub. If the student continues to disrupt, there will come a point where the student will face serious consequences. All of these should be a part of your substitute materials. When this happens, they'll look for their own ways to make things a little more exciting…cue the flying paperclips and chatting. Which page is saying it is missing? It makes a behavior disappear as long as the punisher is not around, but will reappear. Third tardy: detention, such as a … Alternatively, when work is too easy, students fly through it and must find other ways to occupy their time. I bet you can think of your student like this right now, right? Knowing that your class is taken care of will be one less thing to worry about. You will also want to let the sub know that you will administer any significant consequences when you return. She'll talk to you about your consequence when she gets back.”. Leave clear directions for the substitute. Each morning when I was unable to pull my aching, feverish body out of bed, my dread over what I would be returning to grew. Responding to a substitute teacher’s reports of misbehavior requires a delicate touch. Responsive Classroom Strategies Examples of Logical Consequences Before reading this article, you might want to review Ruth Charney's earlier articles, Logical Consequences Teach Important Lessons and The Three R's of Logical Consequences. Don't get me wrong, some years your class might be able to handle the “pick your own partner” method, but some years you will need clearly identify who will be working together…or who WON'T be. 1–2, Students who feel valued are … When you return, treat the work students did while you were away as important; otherwise, the message you send is that it was just busywork. This approach is sure to cause problems if the same substitute is ever called to cover your class. I made them write letters to the substitute. It isn't just the content of your sub plans that can be a factor in student behavior. Prepare clear and straightforward lessons, with a focus on routine activities. Never impose discipline on the group (for example, the whole class loses recess) because of the behaviors of a few. It is designed to stop misbehaving students from interfering with classroom activities. If they earn all the letters by the end of the day, you give them extra recess when you return. The Fordham survey also asked teachers about in-school suspension programs. Sigmund Freud is reported to have said, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar,” and the key word there is sometimes, because it’s also true that sometimes a cigar is more than a cigar.So it is with student misbehavior: Sometimes the reason for misbehavior is not obvious, and such misbehavior requires a different intervention than the usual consequences. Many schools require that teachers keep emergency lesson plans on file and that the plans be kept current. They are likely to disappear (or extinguish, in behaviorist terms) simply if left alone. Leave the folder in your top desk drawer so that the substitute will have no trouble finding it. If you've incorporated technology into your sub plans, be sure to leave any passwords or other information the sub might need. Natural consequences are things that happen on their own as a re… A simple punch card system is a great way to get started with this. You can also increase the chances that you will not have to spend your first day back re-teaching (or teaching) the lessons you left for the substitute and investigating alleged miscreants. It should be all set now. Of course, returning to my classroom was constantly on my mind. Every class has those students who struggle to behave in other settings – like art or the cafeteria. It is important to note, the majority of your class shouldn't need this individualized system. Also, research the laws in your state and see what can be done with habitually disruptive students. 6) Call on a co-teacher. Looking for more support to prepare for a sub? The most important of which was – would my students misbehave for the substitute? This can be because there weren't enough activities left or there were too many and none were labeled as a top priority. (Many teachers plan units for enrichment during their absence.) My email is but it says oops sorry the page is missing. 9) Follow up with your principal. There was an error submitting your subscription. Students (and adults) do some pretty dysfunctional things to avoid that experience. The student will get to a point in which he or she is unable to misbehave and to disrupt. Whenever possible, you will want to review expectations prior to having a sub. The student: 1. Send me an email and let me know so I can get you what you need! Introduces self. This often results in boundary testing, especially for those students who are already prone to pushing the limits. The second lasted two days, and the third was a bulldog. If I get their name, the detention time that they normally would have with me for such behavior is doubled. While it is important to give detailed information, try to avoid paragraphs of text that require intensive attention to read and implement. In the United States, forcing a student to leave school is a punishment known as suspension. It can be challenging for an “outsider” to see the nuances in how you manage your classroom. Of course, as a first-year teacher, I had made many mistakes when it came to sub plans. If your school does, a candid, professional response is in order. While your relationship with these students often prevents issues in your classroom on a daily basis, having a sub means there isn't any relationship there to hinder poor choices. See more ideas about classroom behavior, classroom management, behavior management. Now check your email to confirm your subscription. A new face in the classroom calls for an introduction. You are finally feeling well enough to return — only to discover that while you were sick, your students were on hiatus. Suppose, for example, that a cer… Color-coding is another way to help you sub quickly identify materials and directions needed to implement your plans. If they misbehave (actual misbehaving, not just annoying behavior) then they don’t get their lollipop. After the first few weeks of the school year, you likely know who these students are. Giving your sub these details can help him or her better manage the needs of your class, leading to less stress for both your students and the sub. While your sub can handle minor things, like moving two chatty students away from one another, it is unfair to expect them to administer larger consequences. Some schools ask for written feedback from the classroom teacher regarding substitutes. They're also written in easy-to-read, sub-friendly language to make them quick and easy to implement. If things did not go well despite your best plans, and you believe that your substitute was not up to par, make sure you report the problem to your principal or to whoever arranges for substitutes. While it may feel like you are doing your sub a favor by preventing all those personality conflicts from coming into play with group work or partner work, relying on seat work as the primary task during your absence can leave students antsy and disengaged. In some schools, a teacher can request a specific trusted substitute for an anticipated absence. Thank you for focusing on the positive and complimenting students more than consequences and punishment. It may be a maturity issue and your child may need firmer structure and stricter rules to be in place through the use of non-negotiable rules. Other plans are not attached to a … Finally, some students are just more likely to experience behavior challenges regardless of whether you are there or not. However, there are ways to help keep your struggling students from falling through the cracks. Hybrid Model Survival 101 As the pandemic stretches on, many of us are hyper-aware of the long-term consequences to our educational system if we cannot find ways to get students back into buildings. They are not specific or behav-ioral in nature. Usually, teachers feel confident that substitutes will follow their plans and maintain discipline. Responding to a substitute teacher’s reports of misbehavior requires a delicate touch. They are.50 each so this is not a splurge, but they feel like it is. When your students misbehave for other teachers. The lesson I learned from my first brush with the flu changed how I prepared sub plans completely, and I wanted to share what I learned with you so keep reading to find out why your students misbehave for the sub and how you can prevent it. 3) Provide clear directions. Ask a colleague to stop by and check in on your class. For example, if you know an activity will be challenging for certain students, you may consider having them do the activity with a pre-determined partner and writing it into your plans. Teachers said in-school suspension is more effective than out-of-school suspension for removing disruptive students so others can learn (25% compared to 11%), and especially for helping misbehaving students to stay on-track academically (58% compared to 3%). If a student who is usually quiet during class happens to whisper to a neighbor once in awhile, it is probably less disruptive and just as effective to ignore the infraction than to respond to it. If you know you will be absent, tell your students several days beforehand and then remind them as the time approaches. Rebecca, Your email address will not be published. While your class might only have 25 students, be sure to leave 2-3 extra copies of materials, when possible. Removing that student from the situation for 15–20 minutes (or more) may keep the child’s behavior from escalating into a real discipline problem. Students do not need to know why you will be out, of course, but this will let them be in on the game plan and know what is expected of them. Your email address will not be published. Second tardy: more urgent warning. Perhaps the most daunting challenge that awaits any substitute teacher is the classroom full of students. You'll find a mix of activities that get students moving and collaborating. There are many reasons students misbehave when you are gone. The sign-up for the free plans? You can also make this a mystery reward, depending on your class and the flexibility you have. How to Prepare for a Sub (in 30 minutes or less), Set Yourself Up for Sub Success: Simplify having a sub, Emergency Sub Plans: Print & Go to Save You Time. Well-developed plans take time to assemble, but whether they are required or not, they benefit the students, the substitute teacher, and the regular teacher as well in times of unexpected illness or family crisis. This can prevent both small and major issues from occurring and can ensure that students get the most from their learning. It can be difficult for a sub to juggle differentiation to the same level you do on a daily basis. Want to save yourself some time? It shouldn't be your responsibility. One reason students misbehave for a substitute is the pacing of the day. Sometimes the sequence is attached to a rule; the first time you hit, you get an hour of in-school suspension. Great article and would love to see the lesson plan! Here are ten tips to help keep your classroom running smoothly in your absence. You didn't witness the misbehavior. If all the notes are gone at the end of the day, the kids earn a reward when you return. It’s important that they know that you and your substitute communicate and that you appreciate the good job they did in your absence. A lot of misbehaviors are not important or frequent enough to deserve any response at all. Instead, focus on bullet-pointed (or numbered) steps. If you've got any students on a behavior report card, also provide explicit directions on when and how to fill this out. Give the sub a place to write down the specific details and a basic script that they can tell the student. And then hold them to it. This means that our sub plans often contain work that is too hard or too challenging for students, depending on their current levels. The teacher next door tells you that she had to stop in your classroom several times to see why it was so noisy. ... Everything you need to know about setting the stage for good behavior in your classroom...and when students misbehave, how to handle it with finesse. The consequences included five steps: warning, check-mark, loss of 10 minutes recess, write a behavior plan and have it signed by the teacher and the student's parents, and principal intervenes with an in-school suspension. Ignoring the reports gives the impression that students can misbehave with impunity when a particular substitute is in the classroom. Sitting and getting is just plain BORING! There will always be a few students who are still working to build their school readiness or social skills. Some schools have set up lunch detail for students who misbehave … Logical consequences are directly related to children’s behaviors and help them to fix their mistakes. This prevents confusion or students convincing your substitute that you always let them do something that is most definitely NOT what you typically allow. Making a plan to help keep those kiddos on track is one important way you can help a substitute keep things running smoothly. With disabled children, especially children on the autistic spectrum, punishment may only reinforce aggression, self-injurious behavior and aggression sublimated as self-urination or even fecal smearing. These kinds of effective consequences can be divided into two categories: natural and logical consequences.3 1. Giving these details to the sub in your plans can be really helpful in making the day run more smoothly. Add brain breaks to your plans after a stretch of sitting. You should also leave directions for what students who don't finish should do with their work. Yes, virtual teaching is improving with each passing week, but we all long to be in closer contact with students, particularly those who are struggling to receive basic needs. Grade s. K-8 Let's dig into each one a bit, and as you read, see if you notice any that might be a trigger for your own class this year. If you're having a particularly challenging time with your class behaving for a sub, you might consider implementing a simple positive reinforcement system. Probably because we experienced punishment as students ourselves. Consequently, things generally run as smoothly as when you’re in charge. Thanks for signing up! The problem, however, is … But you know you can't just let it slide. View not found. In most cases, the less you deviate from the usual curriculum, the better the day will go for the substitute because students will be familiar with the material and the work. Was there enough in my emergency sub plans to keep them busy? You may even be able to preview materials and assignments and explain to students what they will be expected to accomplish while you are gone. This is good. However, there are five big reasons I've discovered can easily be prevented with just a little adjustment to your planning process. The list mysteriously includes several students who, up to this point, have never been in trouble. Hi Rebecca, Thanks for this great post! Another reason behavior can be a struggle for a sub is because your classroom management plan was too confusing or not well laid out for a sub to grasp and implement effectively within the short time they have to prep. However, sick days happen and your sub sometimes just has to make the best of it. Blend partner activities, small group activities, and independent work into your sub plans. Record which students should receive them in your plans. Consider this common … New substitute teachers may worry about individual student needs, misbehavior, and how to keep a classroom of thirty students, or more, on task, focused, and cooperative. While your management plan might work like a charm when you are in the classroom, a new adult offers a different dynamic and many subs don't have the background in classroom management to be able to adjust to your classroom expectations. Student misbehavior can be referred to the actions and inactions of students that distracts the learning continuum in the classroom. Apr 28, 2015 - Explore Darla Agent's board "Writing punishment" on Pinterest. They are particularly focused on alternatives that will respond appropriately and effectively when students misbehave, while keeping the students in school and moving forward educationally and behaviorally. Couple this with the fact that students with behavior challenges often struggle with change or transitions and you've got a recipe for trouble. Therefore, it is important to simplify and explain your classroom management clearly. Cause for panic, anyone? 8) Thank students. Sometimes consequences are not effective. Introduce these to the students who need them prior to your first absence, and keep a set of punch cards in your substitute folder or binder. They are more general and often more value-laden than rules. The first strategy, called punishment, contained 4 items (Gives out consequences to students who misbehave (e.g. It isn't just the content of your sub plans that can be a factor in student behavior. She can also encourage the substitute teacher to check with her if any concerns arise as the day progresses. 6–8, Using the overhead projector, take students through the sections of the Substitute Teacher Feedback Form [ pdf document]. All these things will help keep students engaged and ready to learn. Check out these related articles: I hope this article helped think about how you can adjust to improve behavior while you have a sub. If you’d like more ideas, be sure to follow me on: I am not able to open the download- it just saves the picture to Pinterest. 9–12. They might struggle with impulsive behaviors or struggle with making good choices. 4) Keep it simple. The one thing the substitute did leave for you is a list of students she says acted up all day long. 7) Handle discipline carefully. See what's up on Facebook…maybe even start dreaming about where you'll eat for lunch. Hi this is awesome! If the engaged students are furiously taking notes or otherwise involved in the activity, they often won’t even notice the freeze/look. After missing five days, I was finally able to drag myself out of bed and back into my classroom.

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